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right brain stroke recovery

Posted By Amy Trier on September 23, 1997 at 10:23:04:

46 yr old healthy female.  4-21-97 Had frontal right brain mild stroke due to dissecting carotid aneurysm.  From day one all questions and symptoms have been responded to by doctor with "that shouldn't be happening" or "we don't know anything...there's nothing we can do."  Head feels weird. can't tolerate excitement, esp. extreme visual or audio stimulation.  Slight left side weakness.  Always fatigued.  Most abilities recovered except intellectual functions.  Throat feels "obstructed" on left side. Recent MRA shows blockage still exists.  No treatment except ususal Ticlid & Corgard.  No therapy.  No confidence in medical care available here in nowhereville USA.  Is it too late for second opion re: treatment & prognosis?  Interested in coming up to Clinic for evaluation.  (Originally from Akron) Maybe there really is nothing known and nothing to be done, but would feel better hearing from someone I have confidence in.  Have kept lots of notes on original event and progress to date.  No problem getting records from neurologist.  
What do you think?  Thanks for your help.
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