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safety of Unisom taken every night

  : I am a 42yr old female.  I have had trouble sleeping for about the last  3-4 years. In 1994 my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer and was very ill.  I was helping out everyday, several times and hours a day. In 1995, Mom passed away.  I also have a teenage son, who at about the same time was experiencing some troublesome times as a young teenager.  I could not sleep.  I would lay in bed with my eyes closed, only it was like I had my eyes wide open and it was light out.  I finally got a doctor to prescribe Xanax 0.5 mg.  They really knocked me out.  If I was not in bed with in minutes of taking them, my husband would have to carry me to bed.  He awoke one night to find me tapping a knife on my back.  I had not hurt my self but I threw the remainder of the prescription away, immediately.  I have been taking 2 Unisom everynight since.  This is the only way that I can get any sleep.  What is the safety of this, especially over an extended period of time?
  : Thanks.
  : Lynn
The PDR states this medication should not be used for greater than 2 weeks unless approved by a physician. Sounds to me like you should speak to your physician and develop a better treatment plan for your sleeping problems.

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