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seizure disorder/eeg

My sister has been having "seizures over the last several months. She has had several EEG including one in which she wore the leads over 3 days. These were all negative. I know sometimes a cause is never found but is it possible to have a seizure disorder and have a negative EEG? Are there going to be abnormalities if she indeed is having seizures.? She has had a drug addiction to vicodin in the past and we have been suspicious of addiction again- can a seizure be a result of drug withdrawal? She has been in the hospital multiple times this year and is always given large amts of narcotics for " headaches" after the seizures but has always had a negative MRI,MRA,EEG. Thanks for your help.
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In the majority of cases when a patient has a seizure it can be seen on the EEG. It may require extra electrodes, and the expertise of a neurologist who specializes in EEG. If there is still a question regarding your sisters spells, perhaps an evaluation at a large epilepsy centet would be reasonable. We have a wonderful Epilepsy program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and see patients from all over the country and world.

Seizures can be caused by withdrawal from some medications or drugs, the most common being alcohol.

Good luck.
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After being diagnosed with Epileps I have done a lot of research especially with siezures in Women, there is a disorder that mimics Epilepsy but it is what they call psychological. Even though it is a strange phenomena in people with a lot of stress and or unconcious termoil can cause people ti inadvertantly have what is called a "pseudo siezure" The physical look of these siezures are real, just not the neurological aspect of these siezures, there is an awesome website about this: http://www.pni.org/neuropsychiatry/seizures/epilepsy/pseudo_seizure.html

I hope this may help you out
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Hi, I had the same test done as your sister did.  I had mine done in Chicago.  I was up there for 3 days and they couldn't find anything then they decided to add more leads and take me a lil of my meds.  Has your sister or ever thought about that?  If so, the doctor that I go to, his number is (773)-834-4702.  If you need anymore info, you can e-mail me at ***@****  I hope your sister gets better.
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