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seizure medicine alternative

hi, M Rohit wats r the possibilts that the seizure medicine will be stopped ,if the medicine r stoped can seizure will b e oucer with the fever. if its happen wat is the best treatment , how can seizure's stop permanate.  
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I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but if you have stopped your seizure medication and you don't feel well, then for gosh sakes go ahead and continue with your drugs, go take a pill now.  If you have run out, then go to the hospital and get some more, or call your doc and ask them to prescribe you some more right away.  But if for some reason this is not possible for you to do, then depending on what drug you're on, if you stop your medicine, either nothing will happen or you may get very sick and have a seizure.  

As for your inquiry about alternatives, there are many seizure type medications, including benzodiazepines, dilantin, phenobarbital, and so forth.  Generally if a person comes into the emergency room and has had a problem with their seizure drugs, they'll give them a big shot of perhaps Valium or another class of anti-seizure medication, depending on what the situation is.  

Other alternatives are various herbs that can calm a person, but they are not particularly effective for a full-blown seizure.  But there is a tea you can get with Valerian herbs in them, and in Europe that herb has reached the status of drug, and a good source to buy them as a tea is online at www.celestialseasonings.com and also you can buy the little boxes of the same brand of Celestial Seasonings tea in many grocery stores.  I have also heard of people taking a bundle of dried sage and burning it, the smoke is calming.  

As for your question about permanent solutions, the way seizures work is, some people get over their seizures in time, some people need surgical intervention, some benefit from a nerve stimulator device, and yet others always have the condition and need to try to take their medication forever.  The source of seizures, sometimes it's epilepsy and sometimes its from brain injury or some other medical problem with seizures as a secondary condition. You can visit the website www.epilepsyfoundation.org and find out pretty much everything you need to know about seizures, and also they have a forum board there called eCommunities, where you can talk to others who are in your situation.  I hope this covers everything you asked.
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