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My daughter fell about 6 weeks ago and had a slight concussion. Last week she slipped and fell while playing kickball and hit her tail bone.  She passed out, drool came out of her mouth, began shaking and her eyes rolled back in her head.  Was this a seizure? and is there a test for seizures?  And, if you think it was a seizure, do you think it was because of the slight concussion?
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I have heard of head trauma induced seizures... An EEG can tell if she has seizures. I would check it out!!! GOOD LUCK!
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  I started having seizures at 12. I was hit by a car when I was 11. This could be a seizure. Just passing out or becoming incoherent can also be a sign of a seizure. If she starts to sleep a lot you may want to see a neurologist, this could be severe..  Good luck.
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i'm epileptic.  i've been epileptic since i was 11.  i remember when i was little falling and getting small scrapes on my forehead.  i was young so i don't remember anything about having a concussion.  i have seizures now.  convulsive and non-convulsive.  when i have a convulsive seizure; i pass out, shake, sometimes drool, and my eyes roll to the back of my head.  there's many different causes, and a slight concussion is one.  i would definately take her to a doctor.  it can be your family doctor for starters or a neurologist.  if you take her to your family doctor first, they'll refer you to a neurologist if it's serious.  sometimes it's best to go straight to a neurologist.  there are tests for seizures:  EEG, EKG, cat (ct) scan, MRI (there's probably more, but these are the only one's that i've took).  Good luck!
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My son is 2 years old and has a seizure history at birth time which last for half hour and at 9 month also which last for 4.5 hour.He just came out of death.doctors gave him gardinal and levipil which they taper after 3 months and closed it completely after 3 more month.Now after closing his medicine he never face any problem till now but different doctors says different thing.I am not sure whether medication should be closed so early or it should go little more as it was a status seizure
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