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sensory issues

Is it possible for my 5 year old son to have sensory issues with touch,sound and smell with out having some sort of Autisum or Autisum spectrum  disorder?
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Hello Joy.

You are correct. A child can have sensory deficits without being autistic. Sensory deficits can present on their own. They can also accompany attention deficit disorders. Does he have any ?

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Yes Trevor has what some would call extreme ADHD and takes Risperdal 2 mg twice a day and Concerta ER 27mg once a day for him ADHD he also has weak fine motor skills and learning deficits he can only establish eye contact when on the meds. He also has temper tamtrums  at least 4 times a day .He is currently being tested atthe Marcus inisitute in Atlanta
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Avoidance of eye contact can be a symptom in ADHD also. Sever attention deficit prevents a child from holding a fruitful conversation. Children usually do not establish or maintain eye contact with strangers. As the stranger gets more familiar, the eye contact improves. In fact, children do not like a doctor who looks in to their eyes.

His learning deficits can be explained on the basis of his ADHD ( more so with inattention). Please make sure he is thoroughly assessed on the learning skills. If possible, take note of the different tests he might be subjected to.

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I just want to thank you for your time and helping me better understand . So many people have told me that Trevor has Autisum and I just got confused.I had him tested for Frigile X as well because one Peditrician thought that was what he has it was negitive.I do know Trevor does exibit some autistic symptoms but I was sure that they didn't just accompany Autisum or atleast I was hoping anyway. Trevor had a terrible birth accident that cause him to be very sick .He was born a full term c-section to my daughter i was in the OR with her when he was born, The dr,pulled Trevor's head out suctioned it and Trevor begin to cry.Then Trevor slipped out of his hands and back into the mother .The dr reached in to get him out quickly but couldn't grab hold of him so he grabbed a suction machine that is used instead of forceps now and stuck it in there and pulled him out .Two hours later Trevor had full blown asperitated Pneumonia.He was transported to another hospital where he lie in a Neonatal ICU for 6 weeks he was on 100%oxygen his right lung collasped and he had formed a bubble in his left .they put him in a meds induced coma to help him breathe better. They called me on the waiting room phone and told me if i would like I could just hold him for awhile that they didn't believe he was going to make .But he did and now we have him . he was delayed in sitting alone ,crawling ,walking ,potty training ect,  again i thank you for your responses .you are very kind.
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I have an update on my Grandson Trevor's testing .
He does not have any Autism.
His Test were done by a specialist in this field.
His Diganosis is ;

ADHD combined type
Sensory Intergration disorder
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Expressive Language disorder

He is now taking P.T. as Well as O.T. and Speech at the local hospital.
I will meet with the Student Support team at his school on wednesday Feb.27th to develop an IEP for him.
The Specialist Said because of his very poor skills in math and a few other areas He will be tested for Fetal Alchol Syndrome in July.

Thank you for your wonderful advice.
I look for Trevor to begin learning very soon now.
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I am glad we have a diagnosis. Good to hear that you have already started working on Trevor's progress. I am sure he'll pick up pace. I guess, with the correct diagnosis, he is saved from a lot of trouble.

Now the hard work starts (sensory integration and the IEP). He will be a bit late in learning for a few more years. Watch for his general abilities also. Encourage any hobbies, arts, etc. These help academic performance.

A few recent studies have shown that music can have a beneficial effect on math skills !! You can try that. Consult a music therapist and see if it looks feasible to you.

This is an appropriate age for him to be given an IEP. All the very best.

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