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severe and debilitating pain

I haveack pian has been having episodes of sore legs which sometimes become painful enough to stop me doing things. This started about ten years ago.  I have also had back pain along with this.  Over the past month my leg pain but not myback pain has become unbearable.  I have numerous tablets from doctor although the cramps electric shocks and extreme pain in my right leg during hte night are still unbearable.  In the mornings I am finding it increasingly difficult to move around and my right leg just seems to cramp up making me unable to move normaly.  My children are helping me to get dressed as it is impossible for me to lift legs to put clothes on.  As I move around in the day it gradually becomes more bareable but still the siezing pain can come on at any time. I have lost work as I cant drive due to this and I have had to cancel a college placement due to the fact I have lost work. The tabe I have I will list below
gabapentin 100mg 3 am and 3 pm
Diclofenac 1 3x aday
Diazapam when I need it. usually in middle of night 2x 10 mg
Dihydrocodiene  30mg 2 4x aday
paracetamol 500mg 2 4x a day
Amitriptyline 25mg 1at night
baclofen 10mg 1 3x aday
i am waiting to see a back specialist who will hopefully send me for an mri scan
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How are you?
Yes what you need most urgently a MRI or CT scan of the lower back. It is very likely that all your symptoms of leg pain, along with tingling and electric shock like sensations are due to back issues. It is quite possible you have herniated disc with severe nerve compression.
I would suggest you to take complete bed rest as movement will only make things worse and continue with your pain medications.
Do keep us posted!
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I am due to recieve an appointment with a back specialist next month and doc has told me he might refer me to have an mri scan done.  I am on a small island and have to wait for specialists to come from the mainland. Even in bed the pain does not lessen I move around all day like I did when having a contraction when my children were born.  I am worried about the possibility of MS  and also that all the tabs I am taking dont seem to do much.  Morning time is horendous and the pain is excrutiating. I did go to the hospital and doc there did say he would suggest to my GP that I go away to be seen by specialist but GP did not agree.  Some times I cant get the signal to my legs to work this was before this severe pain started. Thank you for your oppinion.
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I should also add that since I got pregnant with my second child 9 yrs ago I have had problems with my legs/pelvis.  I self diagnosed this as split symphysis as no body took me siriously.  I had a big flare up of this symphysis leg pain and went docs who was very good.   She sent me for xray of lower back and pelvis but nothing abnormal showed up.  It was then that this latest bout of severe pain started and as I always put leg pain down to py pelvic im stumped. Doc says its sciatica but ive had that a few times before with bad backs and this does not feel the same.  Am in a quandry as to what to do now. Thanks
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