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sharp ear/scalp pain

I'm a 27 y/o female who is having sharp knifing pains in my ear, shooting out to the top-left side of my scalp. Its quite debilitating. I don't have any sinus issues. I'm wondering why the otc migraine meds aren't working. I'm in tears because I'm not sure what is going on. The pain either starts in the ear and shoots up to the top-left side of my scalp, resonating deep like a stabbing or it just starts on the scalp. I'm wondering if this is something that should be looked into or if its just a migraine. ANY help would much appreciated!!!
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You should see a neurologist about Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Your symptoms resemble this.  It is often sharp, knife like stabbing sensations in the face and surrounding areas.
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Sounds more like Occipital Neuralgia. These 4 nerves are in back of the head.  Lesser Occipital and Greater Occipticals total 4 nerves that branch out and create feeling in your scalp (1000s nerves)...  Ear pain is also one of the symptoms. Migraines, Eyes hurt and dagger like pains that shoot out the head usually around top
area of when you were infant with soft spot and top center of back of head too.  Many symptoms other than scalp are associated with these nerves.   One or both sides can be affected.
Find a good Neurologist familiar with treating Occipital Neuralgia. Don't waste your time if Doctors do not treat this awful Neurological Disorder.  
Botox all around scalp does help and steroid injection around the Occipitals.  Try those before a bunch of the awful medications.  

Key is a well trainded Doctor.

Trig. Neuralgia effects the facial nerves with horrific disabling pain. Not doubt in knowing you have this one.  It can actually distort facial features.

Hope this helps!
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I had several steroid injections every two weeks for two months not skipping any of them. (Don't let them tell you no on back to back injections! It's important to get them this way vs build more funds on longer visits).  Those stopped the awful dagger pain but not the painful scalp, lasting on month 2 for me.  
Botox did help but it's not a complete cure.  There is no cure.  Only a Neurologist can get this insurance approval because it is very expensive...

Occipital Neuralgia can stop on it's own or be a lifetime.  Doctors just do not know!?

I could not take awful meds; anticonvulsant that were severe side effects.  
I did shave my head and it helped until hair starts growing.  It was worse and emotional in losing my long hair too. I recommend not too! Wigs hurt as well...
Get a good cut and use a spray bottle with leave in conditioner helps through out the day when episodes happen.

I cannot believe more Doctors are not aware or educated on this disorder as far as a better treatment!!!
I am reading about burning these nerves as a more potent result.  But finding a Doctor that does this procedure is not easy.  
It took me over a year to find a Neurologist...
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