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sinus Infection affecting mental clarity

  I have had a sinus infection for 4 months. My symptoms were very frightening to me, and when I spoke to md.s about my sypmtoms they prescribed me anti-anxiety pills. I would get dizzy, confused, my vision would get blurry, tierd, and a genral ill feeling. This would hit in spells, I guess when the sinuses were moving.  When this was happening I would panic, not knowing what was wrong with me.  Going to see dr.s made the panic worse because they didn't think to tell me it was a sinus infection, which I now find strange.   I began to feel I was honestly loosing my sanity.  This went on for 4 months until I finally broke down and got a cat scan.  Sure enough it was a sinus infection.  I have spoken to other people who have had sinus infections who have similar stories.  One of who had this for 2 years not knowing what was wrong, ended up on several strange anti depressants, and anti anxiety pills that dr.s and psychyatrist prescribed to her.  Which pulled her deeply into depression and even paranoia.  After speaking with her I suggested that is may be a sinus infection, and sure enough it was.  2 years of suffereing for something so simple to treat.  My question is..Why does this happen?.  Why don't dr.s correspond, about infections and how it can effect the brain.  Doesn't Neorology take that into consideration? It seems so obvious, yet they completely overlook it. That being ill can cause panic attacks and confusion.  Maybe there hasn't been enough research on it.  I really wish there was because I hate to think about anyone going through such a drama over a sinus infection..
I am not very clear as to the exact question you are asking, however
I will focus on the issue of sinus infections
and their role in causing neurological symptoms.
The issue of sinus infection or any infection is in fact a part of the
consideration in a wide variety of neurological presentations, it is particularly
considered when a patient presents with typical frontal headaches.
It is also considered when there is a suspicion of middle ear disease.
The dizzy, tired , confused feeling you mention can be a part of any chronic
infection including sinus infection, theyt are not associated with sinuses
moving since these are fixed spaces in the skull bones which cannot move around.
Another issue to consider is that if sinus infections are not causing
fevers and pain they may not necessarily be the cause of all of the
neurological symptoms present at the same time.
We very frequently see sinus infections as purely incidental findings
on CT scans which also show strokes or other problems which are the
actual causes of the problem.

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