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skin sensitive to touch NO RASH

my skin has been sensitive for about 2 weeks now.  started on right hip, to left tummy area, moved around to left side, across lower back, to right side, right side of tummy, started down right leg, stopped and is now up right side of rib cage and across lower back.
It is strange because there is No RASH, no bruising, no bumps like shingles (which I had at 28), it hurts to wear clothing, to be touched, lay in bed anything.

I've read many possible answers.. I have not seen a Dr yet as typically, I do not get answers from them only bills.
any suggestions would be welcome. thank you
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Here is my take based on patients that I have seen over the years with similar presentations:
Since there is no visual change in your skin surface, and you don't want to go to a doctor at this point, I will give you a few suggestions. First probable issue would be a fungal infection (some you can see, some you can't).  You can buy a anti-fungal spray at the drug store without a prescription. Look for a maximum strength Athletes foot spray. Twice a day, spray on the affected areas. If you do not notice any change within five days, you can rule that out. Next would be a viral attack that is similar to shingles without the breakout(there are many different strains).  If you have any of the shingles medication left from your last outbreak or can get a refill do so.  The shingles medication is very safe, so even if it is not a variant of shingles, it is not going to hurt you to take a two week course of it. You could do both at the same time, but if it stops you will not know which one did the trick.  My guess is at this point you probably don't care which it is just as long as it stops.

Best of luck.
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Have you ever thought of maybe fibromyalgia or nerve damage? I have both and it's very difficult at times to wear clothes, lay in bed, even walk because that's how sensitive/painful it is to walk. I'm not a doctor, I can only speak from my own experiences, so please don't take this as a diagnosis! But like the previous iteration posted, it can be infection also, especially if it worsens with time. Good luck and I truly hope you find out what's wrong.
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I am also having severe sensitive skin pain. It started on my back left shoulder a burning pain. It moved down to my abdomen than up to my right rib cage and than to my back lower rib cage. It burns and hurts so much I hate to wear clothing or shower. Water hitting me hurts so I found a cool shower feels best. What can I do to at least sleep at night. I sleep with no blankets or clothing.
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I found my answer.
A couple of weeks ago, I got the cold chills followed by a mild fever that broke the following day.  Several days later, the sensitive skin thing started happening.  First on my belly, then the right lower arm, then the left upper arm.  Also noticed that feeling on the inside of both knees, and some internal knee pain.  No rash anywhere, just very sensitive to touch.  Felt like all my hairs in the area were all being pulled.  Some indicate it feels like a sunburn, and I can see that, my upper inner left arm felt more like that.  Anyway, looking for a treatment I found what looked sensible, and discovered some were taking vitamins or supplements to combat the symptoms.  I found one that used Magnesium Citrate 500mg/day and another that suggested a 1-A-Day multivitamin.  So yesterday I went and bought both and took both.  About 12 hours later, the pain went away in all of the areas I had the issue. Not sure if the mild fever had anything to do with the other symptoms, but others indicated that they got their symptoms after a bad cold or the flu.  I did not have any indications of a cold or flu, just chills and a mild fever of 100.4 that did not last very long at all.

This is not the first time this has happened, and in the past I just road out the symptoms and dealt with it.  This time, being older 57, I felt more run down and was afraid I was falling apart.  Not sure which did the trick, I suspect the magnesium citrate did given what it is used for.  I had been informed by my doctor a couple years back that I have a B-12 and D deficiency, and I have been taking high quality supplements for that for a couple years now.  I'm going to take a few more doses of the magnesium and then just the 1-A-Days after that, they also contain magnesium, and hopefully that is that for now.
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