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sporadic pain in thighs

I've been having thigh pains along with little spasms also in my calves. I was told that I have Bursitis of the right hip from an earlier injury in October.  I don't know why I have thigh pains through out my thighs top half and sides and this happens when I am sitting, sitting at work (office really cold) or lying down.  I am now getting worried since Dr. does not know why I have pains in both thighs.  This pain that I have is more irritating sometimes sharp but often dull and sporadic in the thighs.  Anyone out there with simular symptoms?  Thank you!

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Hi, I don't know if it's the same thing but I get nerve pains, burning, tingling and numbness in my anterior, lateral thighs.  I attended a neurosurgeon who said that I had Meralgia Parasthetica which is where the (?) lateral, femoral cutaneous nerve becomes trapped in the groin. Treatment is a fairly small operation (nerve release) in the area where an inguinal hernia would be. I asked him if he would have the surgery if it were him and he told me that he did have the problem and that he wouldn't have the surgery.

Hope I'm not steering you in the wrong direction.
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Thanks for writing in.
Bursitis of hip can cause pain as far as the thigh especially in the upper and outer thigh. Other causes of hip pain include iliotibial band tendonitis, meralgia paraesthetica, and low back pain due to disc herniation and nerve compression.
Please discuss all these possibilities with your treating doctor and let us know if you need more information.
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Thanks for the fast response.  I went to physical therapy yesterday and the PT is baffled with the symptoms that I gave him.  He also doesnt think I have hip bursitis.  I have no pain walking up or down stairs and no pain to touch by the hip.  I have pain/problems crossing my right over left leg and cannot form a #4 with leg or sit cross-legged It mostly hurts at the bend/inner of my hip/thigh.  I still have the sharp/dull sporadic pains in my thigh that comes and goes it's not a constant ache/pain.  This pain is happens mostly when I'm sitting.
Thanks for taking the time.
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Back in 1983 I fell off a roof and did a lot of damage to myself, one was numness in a 2 inch by 2 inch area above my right knee, in 2008 it spread to the complete centre from knee almost to my hip, the outside perimeter was constantly on fire, I felt like cutting my leg off at the hip.  I read all of your posts and found more people than I could believe with the same situation.  Two months ago I heard of a product that feeds our own adult stem cell reproduction system, I read everything I could about the product, went ahead and ordered it, five weeks on the product and the burning is gone and I have feeling coming back in that area.  I am sleeping like a baby.  you can find out more here http://lifeplus.stemtechbiz.ca   What have you got to lose, but everything to gain.  

Hope this helps
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