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strange nerve symptoms

Hi, I know that I have posted here before but I was hoping you could give me a little information.  Ive had the following symptoms for about 4 months now:
tingling, burning sensations (feels like nerve buring) throughout the entire body-including face and head, cramping sensations in hands, ankles, elbows, shoulders and in the muscles, muscle twitching and trembling (started about 1 month ago), and muscle stiffness (mainly in shoulder and neck area)  About 2 months ago I developed ear pain in the right ear.  The doctors thought it might be an ear infection and treated it with Septra-didnt work.  ENT doctor isnt sure whats going on either, but he put me on a medrol dose pak-didnt work.  I get a lot of pressure and pain (almost a burning pain) in the right ear and sometimes I can feel it the left ear as well.  Ive seen 3 neurologists and have had MRI's of the brain, and back, 1 EMG test of the right arm and leg and blood work checking for almost everything!!  Everyone says that my symptoms do not point to one particular disorder or disease and they arent sure what to do.
My questions are:
1.  My lyme tiher came back as 1.036 (its not positive, but it wasnt negative either)  does this necesarily mean anything?

2.  During my ear exam they did a hearing test.  The result was: mild hearing loss at 250Hz AU.  Slight conductive component in right ear.  No acoustic reflex decay in the left ear (IPSI) and CNT in the right ear.  Can someone please explain what these results mean?

3.  Can ear pain be related to nerve problems and is it possible to have all the symptoms I have and have them mean nothing is really wrong?

Thanks again for your time
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I do not think that the lyme titre is significant and it certainly does not relate to your symptoms.
As regards the ear test the terminology is somwhat uncleart as you have quoted some abbreviations which are used by otologists as opposed to neurologists and may need to ask that specialist about the exact meaning. It would appear that the hearing loss is at least in part due to a conduction probem, that is it is related to the middle ear structures which conduct sound rather than nerve damage.
All pain is mediated by nerves, it can rarely be primarily due to a nerve problem, but in most cases it is due to nerves mediating the pain signals which are caused by another independent processs.
Obviously if you have all these symptoms there is SOMETHING wrong, but it would at least not appear to be a progressive or systemic process, nor is it related to a serious identifiable disease like a brain tumor, infection of inflammation.
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I've had similar problems, but not as advanced as yours..

I've developed a burning in my arms and legs, which is not debilitating, but an awful nuisance.  The doctor has no idea what is going on.

All tests seem to be ok.....

Anyone having anythoughts?
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To NAL and DCTahan:

I've been through a very similar "thing." Do a search for my post of May 1, 1999 titled "Ongoing Bizarre Symptoms..."

It's a year later now and I'm 99.9% back to normal. Even with the multitude of specialists I consulted, a solid explaination was never offered other than post viral syndrome or Guillain Barre variant.

I had every test possible, all were negative. Indeed I was the picture of health. Eventually, testing turned up some thryoid abnormalities (acute silent viral thryoiditis) which simply verified that my entire nervous system suffered a viral attack. Incidentally, over the course of several months, even my thryoid returned to normal.

Trust me - in the absence of abnormal test results, there is nothing seriously wrong (I didn't believe this myself at the time I was so sick - but I believe it now) and you will eventually recover. It takes time and there's not much (in my experience) that can be done while your body heals itself.

Good luck.
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A lot of people seem to have these symptoms
1996:  just didn't have the same stamina
1998:  very fatigued.  Had to sleep now
1998 SEPT:  muscles began tightening
1999 MAY:  weak.....couldn't lift weights anymore.  Muscle
           tightening (causing patella tendonitis)
     JULY:  painless muscle spasms and heat sensations face also
     AUG:  muscle spasms almost like charlie horses, but not  
           quite, had to sit down nor fall down...couldn't be up
           for more than 20 minutes.  Tremors.  Pain deep in my
            muscles.  Began taking B complex and symptoms
            subsided slowly but never completely gone.
      OCT:  felt better so tried swimming...fatigue cumulative.  
            Muscles still very tight.  Pain came back along with
            pins and needles ....knives and daggers.  At times
            felt like someone was in there pinching muscles.
      NOV:  Began taking B12 shots (though B12 was low normal
            Began dreaming immediately, pins and needles gone.
            Muscles still tight.  How long til I get better.
Still can't stretch or exercise.  GOING NUTS!
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Thanks for the information.  Would a high b-12 test indicate anything?  I know I should ask my doctors about this, but im to a point where I dont trust them anymore.  Is there ANYTHING that I can do or even take that could help with any of my symptoms (such as the burning, twitching and tremors)?  Thanks again
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My symptoms have been very similar and have lasted about 3 years.  After several neurologists I was finally diagnosed with a HYPEREXCITABLE PERIPHERAL NERVE DISORDER.  Has anyone heard of this syndrome?? I would appreciate any information.
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