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strange sensations in my head

Hi im 22 and have been experiencing some discomfort in the back of my head.
originally i was told im suffering from muscular tension which was causing pressure like symptoms, im being treated for anxiety & mild depression also i have been on prozac for about 1yr 6 mths,for about a week now i have had burning sensations going from the base of my skull up to the top of my head this feeling occurs about 5x a day and last between 10secs-a few minutes.
My doctor suspects neuralgia and put me on carbamazepine which i only used for 2 days because they made me have hot sweats and vomit.
I dont feel dis-orientated as such but my head feels slightly not with it, its hard to discribe.
Ive been to my doctors dozens of times and wish thet'd send me for a ct scan to rule out anything serious, the anxiety dosent help either its just a constant worry have you any ideas?
thanks for your time.
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I have had a handful of patients with similar complaints of burning pains that radiated from the base of their skull up along the back side of the head.  Based on other symptoms and neurological findings on examination, we did image their brain and cervical spine with MRI and did not find anything.  Occipital neuralgia was suspected and we tried a short course of oral steroid therapy for some of them which did help some.  Other possible treatment agents include neurontin or gabapentin (generic) and elavil. WHether or not you should be imaged depends on what your docs find on exam and your clinical history. Talk to your docs about these options and let them know your concerns. Good luck.
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Do you have any other symptoms (visual etc.)???
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no visuals really, been to my doctor today and have been given
paramax tablets for the nausea, also im now being referred to a neurologist which im pleased with as well as being terrified.
Blood pressure normal.
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I experienced problems since 1994.  Headaches (was told they were tension migraines), neck and back pain (was told it was arthritis), intermittent nausea and vomiting.  Symptoms became much worse two years ago.  Headache and nausea are constant.  Get very sharp pains in temples when bending over and in am and when exerting.  My head feels too heavy for neck.  Fatigue is incredible.  Was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri when visual problems manifested.  Had not heard of this until then.  It is very rare and even harder to diagnose-MRI will be normal but spinal tap pressures will be elevated if this is what you have.  Most doctors don't look for this but am told it occurs more often in women who are overweight, but not always.  I am not saying this is what you have but make sure the neurologist considers it.  It can be controlled with medicine (and rarely a shunt).  I am told that it usually comes and goes, although mine does not.  Hope this helps.  (I did not have arthritis according to the rheumatologist.)
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Thanks for your comment kim, im experiencing an awfull lot of fatigue at the moment even after having enough sleep.
I'll be sure to mention pseudotumor cerebri when i go to se the neurologist. thankyou.
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Thankyou for your comments, is it at all possible that a childhood injury could account for these symptoms?
When i was about 6-7 yrs old i fell out of a loft and down some stairs resulting in a skull fracture, i wondered if it could have something to do with it.
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Hello again kim what did you mean by visuals?
my vision feels a bit strange its hard to describe,
this is accompanied by intermittant vomitting.
Been given valium for the anxiety, trouble sleeping too.
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By visual problems, I mean unusual lights, blurring or distorted vision, mild double vision, dimming of vision, things look farther away than they are, shimmery areas in vision. I am not saying that you have the Pseudotumor Cerebri that I have, but if they cannot find anything else, have them look for this.  If you are having vision problems, she should go to the Ophthalmologist and have your examined.  The Ophthalmologist who finally saw my problem and sent me to the neurologist.  Hope this helps.
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My mother is 63 years old and for the last 6 weeks has had constant pain in her head and an aching in her neck.  the first dr. she went to said it was a sinus infection and put her on antibiotics.  This went on for 3 weeks and she did not feel any better.  So she went to a ears, nose throat dr.  he did a cat scan on her sinuses and found that they are clear.  he's now sending her for a cat scan of her neck...  in the mean time she's got numbness in her mouth and it is swollen... there are also white postules growing on her cheeks.  she's going to see an oral surgeon about it in a week.  she also complains that her ears feel..."raw"... the dr. looked in her ears and saw nothing wrong...  she went to the eye dr. this morning and he found what looks to be tissue behind her left eye...she's going to call an eye specialist.  she's currently taking advil...she says it takes the edge off, but the pain never goes away...  the ear, nose throat dr put her on steroids for a short time and she felt noticeably better.  i'm so concerned and so is she...  has anyone heard of this?   before this happened she was active, felt fine and had no head pain at all...
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Just wondered if you had gone to a neurologist yet and if they had given you an opinion on what is wrong with you.  Hope you are feeling better.
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