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what can i do to stop my daughter stubborness?

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Hi, Thank you very much for your question. I don’t think that her stubborn nature  is linked with any neurological disorder here since it could be a normal phenomenon of an ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) child who reacts quite differently in such situation due to poor attention span. Your daughter with ADHD may have attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Therefore, by attention deficit she does not listen to what is said to her. In handling and managing your daughter just tries to be specific & clear in your instructions. In addition, if this persists please consult a child psychologist in order to understand appropriate treatment line. Hope this helps.
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You don't say how old your daughter is; her stubborness could be a phase she's going through. I've found what works best is to set limits. If she is stubborn and refuses to do ask you ask, such as homework, or chores, then give her age-appropriate consequences. Okay, if you don't do it, you won't watch TV for a week, or you can't go to your friend's house on Saturday, or you can't play with your favorite toy tonight, or put her in "time-out". Then, when she is ready to cooperate, sit down and talk with her. Explain how being stubborn can hurt her.  You only ask her to do things that help her, to learn, or to grow strong, or to help the family, and that you do those things as well. My son has ADHD, and you will notice, if she has this condition, that you may need to get her to focus by looking at your face when you ask her to do something, and then ask her to repeat it so you know she understands what you are asking of her. I hope this helps.
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