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suto seizures

my husband has been having these so callled suto seizures for quite some time. the drs. cant figure out why he keeps on having them he can have up to 20 seizures back to back please send me a response back thanks
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My sister had these siezure last thursday and while in the emergancy room the e.r. doctor witness one of them. While have one , the doctor pinched her on her neck real hard and she stopped haveing the siezure. I work in the medical field as an E.M.T./Firefighter and I have never seen that happen. The doctor told my dad and I she was " faking it''. Thats bull. Then he said she was manufacturing them but he didnt know wether or not is was sub-countious or not. Hopefully tomorrow she will be going to Shands hospital for more help.
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I know what you are going thru.  I have had seizures for years. They told me at first they were epelipic.  But now they say they are pseudoseizures. I would have up to 10-15 a day.   They told me that seizure medicine will not stop them.  I have struggled with this condition for 12yrs.  I have never been able to get a straight answer from a Dr.
I know there are a lot of things that can cause this.  But finding out which one it is, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I hope they can find out for you and your husband very soon.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers. This is something he can't help.  He can't controll it and don't let them tell you that he is faking.  Because he is not able to controll the seizures.  

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i have suto seizures. i dont know how to fix that but i have ran up over$100,000 dollers in bills and my docters think i am faking it but  i had like 12 of them in front of them and they cut me to see if i would get up but i did not if u know a dockter that can treat this blz coment back i am only 17
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I just started having  seizure's and the doctor's say that i'am faking it our they don't know.  I have seen a specialist and he think's i am faking it and I know I'am not but to every one in my family know's there is something very wrong, and iam very upset, what should I do.

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Im 19 years old and started having these seizures last year, ive been to specialists and neuroligists at U.F. They have done E.E.G.'s catscans, M.R.I.'s, sleep depervation tests, light strobe tests, and everything in between. nothing is abnormall. All that i was told is that mine are stress induced and that i should find away to manage my stress better and we'll go from there.  I was verry active in my life before and now the dr.'s have completely shut me down, i cant drive, swim, or even start collage. I felt like i was the only one and i do feel very depressed somedays. I try to stay verry positive and hope for the best, i will keep everone in my prayers and i wish you all the best of luck!!!
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i'm a 62 years old female and last year i start heven seizures i still have them my doctor tell me is from stress i live a very quiet life by my self (no stress) i have a job that i love (no stress) just before i have the seizure i fell that my muscles get very stiff and a tremendus headache
when i recover i fell very tires and i dont remember having the seizures
the neorologist have done all the test and i still have no anwser other that is from stress i dont think that @ 62 years old i need to be faking anything. but if the doctor don't have a anwser why did he put on lamtico (seizure medication) firt he put me on capra and i had really bad site effects that was when he switch to lamtico 500 mg per day
it is very hard when you know that something is wrong and dr's dont have the anwser
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I have suto seizures but have not had on in 5 years till last night. I am looking for others who understand what I am going through. When I have one it looks like I am drunk or on drug which I am not. I just would really love to talk to other who understand. Please let me know. From Kelly Very Scared
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I am a 38 yr old ale. I have had these type of seizures of and on for 2 yrs now. yesterday i had 8 of them. 2 trips to the E.R. and the Doc said he could nt explain them. so he told me to see a nurologist. He thinks I am faking also.today I feel extremly weak and have a hard time walking. I also feel like i am in a daze and cloudy.. I cant focus or concentrate on any thing. Now they say I cant drive or work but noone is there to help me. or my 4 children. i am very scared.
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I totally understand what your saying I also have suto seizures and have been told by several drs I am faking it but had a head injury in 1996-1997 in a car accident hit by a drunk driver and hit the passenger window rearview mirror and back to the drivers side with a seatbelt on so when they start telling me I am faking it I start telling them well I guess you think i am faking my car accident and I have proof of it and I show them the accident report and all they dont know what to say then so i understand totally what you all mean by being told about fake seizures and I dont feel anyone can fake a seizure this is just my opinion if any of you would like to add me and have yahoo messenger feel free to add me ***@****
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Dear Kelly,
As you know you are not alone. I completely understand what you are going through because I am dealing with the same problems. I had a psudo=seizure in my spinal surgeons office and he sent me to a hospital. They found nothing except a low potassium problem so they gave me 2 IV's with potassium. On the way to the hospital I was in and out and listening to the paramedics tell me I was faking it. I was discharged. Two days later I was at my regular doctor's office and had another seizure. He sent me to another hospital and told my husband that due to my rapid eye movement that I was not faking it. The ER did not beleive me and insisted that I was on drugs, they tested me for drugs and found nothing. They put me in the medical unit overnight to run EEG, MRI and such. They found nothing so the doctor Baker Acted me. When I had seizures in there I fell to the floor and hurt myself from hitting my head. They did not believe me either so when I had a seizure they would kick me in the legs and back (I had just had back surgery 5 months ago). I had been seeing a phyciatrist for 3 years and a therapist. When I got out of the last hospital they turned around and put me into another hospital 2 days later in the phycriatic unit for 5 days. They also said I was faking it. Now I dont trust them because they dont believe me and according to them I am now delussional and parinoid. I understand what you are going through and the worst feeling one can ever experience. My husband and family believe me but thats it. I am sorry for what your going through, I understand you pain and everything. If you want to talk you can e-mail me at ***@****. Best of luck to you and dont listen to them because you know it's true and real. Dont let them tell you you're faking it because you are not. I believe you too!!!  :-]
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Look for a neurologist who has specific experience with pseudo seizures. My boyfriend suffers from it and they think it may be anxiety induced but have yet to give him an antidepressant.  I don't know what area you are in or id refer you to a good doctor.  Just do your research, understand the disorder, also see epilepsy.  Epilepsy is very broad but have you had any testing done that says whether or not there is brain activity during your seizures? (EEG, PET Scan)
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Has the medication worked????
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so i am not the only one with suto seizures and Dr. says that it is a fake i had a  TBI in 2012 and been having  them ever since I would like help?
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