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What can cause swelling of feet and ankles? My husband has had swelling of his legs from his shin down with pitting for several weeks. Doctors have tried discontinuing his medication and have placed him on antibiotics, but nothing seems to be working? Anyone have any thoughts?
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hi, just thought I'd give my 2 cents worth1! How old is you your husband? Is he a big meat eater? From what I know this can be a sign of gout in men(if he is a big meat eater) If not it can be a similar condition that pregnant women get(think its called odema) This is where fluid collects and swells in the feet and legs and can be due to blood pressure issues. Hope this puts you on a track!
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Has your husband had his heart checked? My husbands foot swelled up a couple of years ago for no apparent reason, and he ended up having a heart attack, he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance, and i lost him twice before they finally bought him back. but after having stents put in the swelling went down in his feet. just a thought
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My husband is 33 years old and he has been known to eat a lot of meat. He has tried not eating as much within the past 6 months though due to other issues. He now eats a lot of salads and seafood. Could this cause the same issue? I will have his blood pressure checked also, thats a great idea. Thank you so much for your thoughts. It gives us some avenues we haven't looked at yet.
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I took my husband to the ER a few weeks ago because the swelling had gotten so bad he could barely stand. The physician in the ER said that his heart wasn't an issue, but there were never any tests run to truly determine this. This has been a concern of mine because he has heart problems in his family, but he is determined that because the ER doctor said it wasn't a concern he doesn't need to worry about this. How do I convince him to get this checked out?
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I'm a 25 year old male, have had two open heart surgeries, the last one when I was ten years old.  My heart doctor's are not planning to give me another heart operation.  I was born with TGA.  My left foot and ankle have been swollen since the 11th of April 2010.  I have been very stressed out, and moved away from hot weather, (road a bus to get from the mid-south to get to the north east coast) and in with my cousin who has cat's (don't know if I'm allergic to cat's, but my eye's do water a lot, and burn and sting a little  Not when I leave her place but while I'm there.)  However today was a very hot day and I was on my foot like crazy today.  Now my foot is swollen and it want seem to go down.  Is there anything wrong with me that I should be worried about?
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