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I'm 21 and have been having pain in the left side of my head, numbness in my left arm and tingling in my left leg
Have I had or am about to have a stroke
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Unilateral head pain and numbness (though I'm not sure about the tingling sensation you're experiencing) is a classic migraine presentation. If you are indeed, or have had, a transient ischemic attack (TIA), this may also be caused by migraines. Do you have a history of headaches, or has this been an isolated episode?

Definitely get evaluated by a Neurologist ASAP.....

Nice screen-name, by the way haha :)
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I am having the same thing...I have already had one MRI of my brain but am having another one this week or next week as I went to a neuro and he thinks something may have happened between my last MRI and now.  A neuro exam will help them see if there is a need for an MRI.  Please get to a neuro and email me and let me know what happens.  I will let you know what mine comes back as.  

Also my neuro told me "If you were 50 I would say you probably had a stroke but since your only 27 we will do an MRI to see what is going on"  Not meaning I did not have one but saying it could be some other things.  I have a full exam and workup and he could tell the difference in my reflexes and strength on my right side vs my left side.  I am a little worried but I am sure it will work out ok in the end.  

Take care!
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    How are you? There are a number of causes, which can cause numbness in the arm, face and leg, but most commonly it could be due to stroke or compromised blood supply in these areas which is extremely rare to occur.
Have you ever got your blood pressure checked? Any kidney problems or diabetes? Are you obese? All these answers can help me to get to a diagnosis. What you mentioned is kind of hemiparesis. Is there any weakness or inability to move voluntarily in the limbs?
I would suggest that you get a CT scan brain done and immediately visit a neurologist. You could have had a transient ischaemic attack or a stroke.
All the best.
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