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syrinx at c4 and c5 level


P V SOMAYJULU                      Age 69    Visakhapatnam   andhrapradesh  INDIA

Had IHD in the year 1977 (T wave inversion in V1 to V6) No complications
Had mild Hypertension  in the year 1980   (under control)
Had prediabetes in the year 2010  (IFG)    (under control)
Had subclinical hypothyroidsm in 2011
Mild prostatomegaly in 2012                                                                          

Medicines now being used
Heart * (from the year 1977)
STAMLO BETA                50 MG      1 Tab a day ( Initally Inderal( 77-81), then
                                                         Aten 50 and stamlo 5 mg (81-2006) and  then                                    
                                                         Stamlobeta 50 mg (2006 to date)                                                
ISMO                               10 MG        One tab  Twice  a day                       Since  1996
Tg Tor                               50 MG        One tab Once a day after dinner        since 1996
ASA                                 50 MG        One  tab  a day after dinner               since 1991
Type   II diabets
GLYCOMET                    250 MG        1/2   Tab twice a day                       since Oct’ 2010
Sub clinical Hypothyroidism
THYRONORM                 50 MCG       One tab once a day                          since July’2011
Mild Prostatomegaly            2 tabs      Prostin (Homeo)    twice a day           since Oct’2011

I had cervical spondylosis since many years. As such my otho asked me to take a MRI cervical spine.In that he found that there is  very small syrinx in the size of a small rice grain at c4 and c5 level .If burning sensation in ribs and hands and legs is one of its  symptoms,  then i had it right from 1976.   1.  Is there any medicine to completely dissolve the syrinx? 2.  As  there is no progress since many years, if at all it was there since many years., do i just keep it away from my mind and forget about it? My ortho asked me to take contrast MRI .  3. Can i postpone the same for a period of 3 months to see whether there will be any progress or not by undergoing regular MRI at c4 and c5 level after the end of 3 months period? 4. If there is no progress , can stop going for further investigation ?kindly advise and give your expert opinion.
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