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tarlov cysts

I have tarlov cysts and I am in alot of pain. I just went to a new doctor.  His name is Dr. Donald Kim in OKC, OK. He told me I am crazy. Tarlov cysts do not cause pain. Does anyone know of a doctor in this area that can help me or at the very least believe me.
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The causes of Tarlov cysts are unknown but it is presumed to be due to a weakness in the meninges, or due to connective tissue disorders, or patients having a history of trauma. Tarlov cysts can compress nerve roots, causing lower back pain, sciatica, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and some loss of feeling or control of movement in the leg and/or foot. Tarlov cysts may become symptomatic following shock, trauma, or exertion that causes the buildup of cerebrospinal fluid.

Generally patients should avoid doing any heavy lifting, straining, constipation or pulling that puts pressure on your lower back and causes pain. Non surgical techniques available are acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback, epidural injections, TENS. You should consult a neurosurgeon in your region, which should be able to help.
Do write in if you need more information.


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I have been through the exact same thing today Candace! I hope things have gotten better and you found the help you need..
Hugs~ Donna
aka: virtualangel
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I have a tarlov cyst that I believe is causing my pain. Are you still looking for information? I'd like to hear anything you've found out. Thanks.
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There is a Tarlov Cysts support group online--just do a search for Tarlov cysts and it should pop up. That is how I found it back in 2002. They saved my sanity. There are thousands of people all over the world that have the cysts and sometimes they do cause problems. Some people have found drs that will drain and inject the cysts with fibrin glue. I have not found one that I can reach--both pysically and budgetwise. But I have a good family dr that listens, looks things up and is understanding about my pain and treats me with respect. I am disabled due to the nerve damage in my lower back, hip, rt leg and foot.. I have urinary and bowel problems also that go hand in hand with the cysts. I hope everyone finds a doc that will listen and look
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