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thoracic disc

  I have a herniated disc at the T8-9 level that is impinging on the spinal
  cord.  Found through an MRI. I was wondering if it could cause dizziness and
  interfere with heart rate.  I do have some pain in that local area and
  sometimes get tingling around towards the front in belt fashion. My legs
  occasionally feel heavy.  I have had C5-6 6-7 fusion a year ago which I
  asked about in an earlier question.  I know the thoracic area is a tough
  one because if its location.  I would appreciate any help you can give me
  on this as thoracic info is not as readily available as other areas.  Thanks
  again for your information.  
A thoracic nerve problem can cause some of the symptoms you mention, namely
pain innthe local area and pain extending around the body in a belt-like fashion.
Thoracic disc problems do not cause dizziness, this sensation is located
at the inner ear level,and they do not influence the heart rate as the
nerve supply to the heart comes via the vagus nerve which travels
down through the neck and uper cheat to reach the heart.

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