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throat problems,draining water in head

for about a year now i have had a problem with my throat where the food only goes through a tiny portion on the right side of my throat and i feel as if something is wrong with the left side of my throat like it is dead or something or closed.and ive been feeling this water dripping. inside me ears or nose, I'm not sure if its inside  my right nostril or inside the right ear that i feel like water is dripping. and its been dripping like water draining for a year now. i think the water dripping or draining is from the water i sniffed about 3 years ago when my bro put **** in my nose. and i sniffed water from the sink real deeply i think the water became stuck somewhere where it canot come out.how do i make this water come out? its been dripping all the time. thanks
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For something like this to go on for a year, you must have an infection going on in your ears and nasal cavities.  Everything is irritated, mucous is created to flush it out, and that's the dripping you have, kind of like "post nasal drip."  The only way to make it stop is to visit an ear nose throat ENT doctor and let him clear up what is going on in your ears and nasal cavities.  He'll flush stuff out, he'll give you antibiotics, he'll give you some ear drops and nasal spray, and then have you come back for a recheck.  And since he also specializes in the throat, he can have a look down there and see if you had any damage done to one side of your throat, and might have a solution for that, too, or at least can tell you what happened to it to make it numbish.

But I really think visiting that kind of specialist is the only way to fix this.  No over-the-counter medicine will do it, because of how long this has been going on.  If this had happened in the swimming pool a couple days ago, there's way to drain out water-clogged ears.  But you have more than water-clogged ears; you have an infection going on in there, else it wouldn't still be bothering you a year later, you see.
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I just recently read all your comments, stories and experiences...
I have similar problem or worst as I was diagnosed of breast cancer early last year and had operation then followed by chemo teraphy and radiotherapy. Early this year, I felt something stuck in my throat but that feeling is on and off continuously till now. Few months after my jaws are painful when you open it wide. Then just few weeks past,  as I was sleeping leaning on my right head on my pillow for a long time as soon as I lean my head to the other side I feel like dropping or ticking in my head which is very un usual feeling to me. When I felt that way I thought it was a dream bcoz I tried and tried leaning the other side after feeling of dropping but didn't happen. After few nights it happened that same feeling again then I realised it was not a dream anymore , and also I can feel the sound of my ears like pulse sensation as well ... I didn't go to the DR dealing this problem yet as I am observing it by myself.
I don't know what to do because I am thinking this is unusual happen to a person. Sometimes I can't really language how I feel because people cant understand what you feel when the they don't experience by itself alone.
Please help me what to do while is it still early. Your advice would be highly appreciated....
Thank you very much for your help
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