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tingling and pins and needles in arms , hands and feet and legs

In the last year I have suffered with tingling, burning , pins and needles in the feet, hands and legs. I also have a problem with my lower back and neck. My symptoms seen to last about 4to 5 weeks and then gradually go away. I get spasms in my back starting in the lower back and shooting upto the neck. this can very painful at times.  I get fatigued in the afternoon after being busy all morning, sometimes need a little sleep before I can carry on with other jobs. My GP has done all the blood tests and I am waiting for the results.  I am also waiting to go into hospital for laporscopy and cystoscopy to check my bladder, (feels like i have got a urine infection with the pain),bowel and fallopian tubes due to me being sterilised 2 years ago. I would like to know what else my doctor could do for me
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The symptoms are quite non-specific and there is a broad range of possible causes and tests. This needs to be evaluated further, first by a detailed neurological history and examination, which will allow a more focussed search for a cause and tests, as opposed to going 'fishing'

This means that you should see a neurologists, who can do this for you. THere is usually a first set of laboratory studies looking for common causes of a peripheral neuropathy such as diabetes, Vitamin deficiencies, monoclonal proteins, endocrinological and electrolyte disorders, among others. After this set of tests the neurologists will make reccomendations on further testing ie MRI or nerve conduction studies/EMG

Good luck
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Judging by your proceedure you may be in your 30's? I am.
There may be many answers for your delemma....
My mother claims she has Fibromialgia.... I refuse to give in to these theories when there are definate ways to offset whatever theory you choose... how about CFS?  O.K. great...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome= not being in your 20's anymore.
Unfortunately we are now entering the cycle where our bodies are not normally repairing themselves without major help!
To start out... Nutrition is #1 and then #2 = Fitness...
Sweetie, many times simply working out (I would suggest gentle Yoga or a very low impact Weight group class (Lift class)and a few months after acclimatizing to 3Xweek workout - add very low impact cardio - no bouncing!
The same thing happened to me - however I stopped working out altogether after being a 15 year fitness instructor. Unfortunately the age issue of the body needing more whole nutrients is a huge issue.  No processed foods! Many times the aspartame in the diet drinks or the additives in the processed foods can be the onset of nerve system problems which pre-implemented the weakening of the nerve system - taking the initial dive.
Is this making sense?
I had to add Citracal - calcium etc. for bones to offset osteoporosis & joint problems w/ other supplements. Also, our hormones are shifting and adrenal gland issues. Oops! I'm running out of space! Write me back!
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To finish... Yes, there could be an underlying medical problem yet...more than likely lower nerve back pain may radiate to the pelvis (if all else has been ruled out!) I even went as far as having sexually transmitted disease check up and nothing - I'm faithfully married. The pain hurt and I was willing to go the test lengths - all blood tests fine - no deficiencies.
Sleep patterns made a huge difference also. I was losing rem sleep in my 30's - It is said you even loose loads of HGH as you enter 30's to 40's... I'm feeling it!
I believe chiropractors can help - however you sound like me...
that would be my last result after trying everything myself because of lack of time and my knowledge w/ a BS degree in Sports Medicine.O.K. I've even thought MS - that would be devestating.
Really... I now know why they call it mid-life crisis because I cannot stay up late anymore and look refreshed like the 21 year olds! Lattes are not hardly even working like in college.
Oh last comment... I took a Z-Pack (5 day antibiotic regimen) after one GP looking at me like I was crazy.My back pain symptoms clearly went away! Explain that! Hmmm...
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I had pins and needles and burning in my hands, feet, legs, arms, back, all over constantly now for 4 weeks. I had these same symptoms 5 years ago for 6 months. At that time I had 3 MRI's Brain, upper and Lower spine. numerous blood tests, EMG, B12, lymes, heavy metal toxcisity,thryroid, every test you could think off. they were all negative. The doctors put me on neurontin, did not work, Paxil, did not work, Chiropractor, did not work, Physical therapy, did not work. So I decided I would have to live with it. Well lo and behold after about 6 months it went away. I was fine for 5 years and now its back. I had a blood test again, negative. They want to test me for sleep apnia. I will be tested in a week, I am not sure how that would give me these sensations, but I am willing to try anything. I am going to start a regiment of Essential amino acid, which is supposed to stimulate you body to produce HGH. I think that perhaps if I do have sleep apnia, I am not producing any HGH. Maybe this is causing my problem.
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Wow! Thanks Pazman 1. I was thinking of trying something close on those lines myself.  What is the brand or brands of essential amino acids you are embarking on?
   I bought that Seweedish MD's Gamma Amino Butyric Acid called "In Shape -Dream Shape" which is supposed to help trigger the production of HGH & help you sleep through the night.I haven't dabbled in it yet because I cannot afford to lose any more sleep. The label saysIt is common for some users to experience initial nervousness, tremors, mild tingling, or increased heart rateafter taking.  This reaction fades quickly.  Hmmmm.... Hw quickly I'd like to know?
And of course the back lable always says...
***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  O.K. Do they all say this?
Funny Pazman 1: My symptoms lasted 6 months also and even emergency mamogram: since late 30's has left 2 family women members w/ rapid, unrecoverable breast cancer.
After seeing your comment I realize I was burning the candles at both ends and highly sleep deprived when this occured.
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I have a question about aspartime......
How long does it take after you have stopped eating products with aspartime to feel the results?? I stopped  about a month ago and still have tingling and other symptmos ive desribed....
if you read my posts you know i am the "crazy lady" obsessed with ms, because one dr. i saw years ago thoguth i might have it. and so i cant seem to shakie it even though my mri's and spinal tap were negative...i just start thinking that since they were taken 15 years ago, maybe they werent that good at picking up lesions....i have to stop worrying about it and get on with my life..but how when i still have symptoms?
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the burning you speak of..does it feel a little like a sunburn??
My burning I have is in the back of my thighs and it usually starts in one spot on back of right thigh and then sometimes..like now, its the back of both thighs.. Also have tingling, and strange sensations like something is either crawling under my skin or something is dripping. I have these feelings not just in legs, but head and a little in arms and torso.  I wrote to the nuerologist on this forum and im afraid he didnt see all of my posts and maybe if he did he would have responded differently...my post is" ms or not..what should i do?".
I know that stress can bring on symptoms like those im having with the tingling, but what about other symptoms??  like the burning?..and does it last this long? (its been about a month with the burning) other symptoms ive had before mostly when im very stressed.  
I guess I should listen to the dr. when he said by now Im almost 39, this all started with bladder problems when I was 21. I would know if I had ms or not....
Could someone with similar symptoms please respond to me..thanks!
ONe other thing...the tip of my index finger on right hand has become a little numb ...i noticed it about 2 weeks ago....again, i am under much marital stress right now...could that cause numbness tough for 2 weeks!???
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Hi! Thanks for asking...where do I begin? I have so much to talk about. What type of marital problems are you facing? I ask for many reasons. Murial Hemmingway swears by single nasal breathing for 5-10 minutes to reduce stress & gain energy. She only does Yoga now for fitness. She looks beautiful!!......Keep the tip of your tounge placed on the back of your front teeth to prevent any mouth breathing...relax and allow yourself to feel your belly and lower abdominal to fill with air and count to 8-10 minimum on each inhale & exhale. She swears it clears her focus 110%. It's a great stress reducer.
Repeat beautiful positive affirmations as you focus & breathe.
I Sally am being freed from this bondage which no longer has a hold on me" I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ!
Greater is He that is in me than he that is this world.
"I Sally, can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." I Sally am blessed with all the fruits of the Spirit... Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,and SELF CONTROL!
Why is the 9th fruit of the spirit so hard to achieve?
I'm interested in knowing your marital stress because this all happened to my best friend - her dad is a preacher &/or a minister. Her husband is a borderline personality and a witty abuser.It all started 7 years ago. Ohhh... How do I state this?
Do you believe in spiritual warefare? There is a epidemic that is running rampant and the most sobering fact of the year was the Catholic Church just opened their 1st school of exorcism.
They believe that people are taking on possesive, controling hosts that manifest themselves in negative medical ways and there are specific warfare prayers and lifestyle managements to offset this epidemic in the millinium. I could go as far as saying I've had the unforunate experience of trying to help her and dealing w/ it and suffering the consequences of not knowing what I was basking in~ where after visiting a mental hospital I had a severe reactions that only the TBN channel has actually pin pointed.I love Paula White - you can only know her glory after hearing her story.
It all started w/ my best friend innocently began taking on the characteristics of her husbands naredewell unfruitful bar dwelling lifestyle.It was a downward spiral straight through the gates of he--(double hockey sticks). I was just an innocent, caring bystander & friend at the time. I have learned daily to vamp up with spiritual warfare. Her anxiety attacks demanded perscription medication and soon after that the side effects were devastating and the system does NOT WORK! Her husband found out how to work the mental system- he can put her back in any time and cry wolf (he lies just to go out on a date and get rid of her permantly for 2 weeks to a month - each time hoping it will be permanent!)
It's sick and the most evil I've ever seen. She is literally almost destroyed as the person we all knew her to be. Her face became like the elephant man while she is under heavy attack. I felt them trying to manifest on me as I visited & will NEVER again set foot in the midst of He-- (you know the wards) and I always thought I was so strong - it so couldn't happen to me.
Anyhow, Sally...I really feel after diving in and reading all your other chat comments (sorry- I like to know as much as I can before I can truthfully address your issue deep down)you may highly have a manifestation since you definately have ruled out everything else. I would highly suggest watching the healers on TBN and taking it seriously. Normally the manifestations start w/ obsessions and anxiety attacks,worrying etc. Unspeakable Joy and Peace are blessings. You can have complete healing. Its there for you to research and take.
I pray you will never experience full throttle manifestations like the ones I've seen on a friend. She benefitted many people and had a gift of helping people become better until she met her husband and he stripped her of her self respect, worth, and dignity. Anyhow...what do you have to lose?
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is the burning his only symptom??
Did any dr. say what might be causing the burning,,,and does it feel like a sunburn??
One other question..did he have mris of the brain and spine and were they with and without dye???
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My husband has the Burning Sensations that float all over.

He has had every test and is normal.  

I have search on the net and a lot of people have this Burning Sensation and they all have taken the same test and they are all normal.

Back in 8/22/2000 someone posted on this site about Aspartame being toxic.  I started reading everything on the web about Aspartame.  It seems to be toxic but very political.  Also I read that when aspartame reaches high temps it is very toxic.

My husband is miserable and we will try anything, why not, nothing else has worked.  So I looked at all the food products in my house that had aspartame, my sugar free gum was the first item.  My husband has gum in the car with aspartame.  

We started thinking about the history of our diet, foods, life.  To make a long story short.  At one point this burning stopped then it started back up.  I am in the process of researching the sugar free products we used in the past vs what we use now.

So for now, I am going to have him try DeTox tea, detox meal and try what every I can find to detox his system.

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Real quick as I walk away to work out.....
What about Ephedra? It was taken off the market 2-3 years ago.
I used it very lightly yet frequently. The only other chemical I've used is deoderant/anti persperant - Ha! Aluminum Zirconium is it a hrmful chemical long-term? I sometimes slather it on 2x day. Can it be toxic?
I'm beging to believe that anything that begins with a pre-fix of ANTI - we should be anti to it. Ha! Antipersperant, hmmmm.
Chemical overload. just a thought.
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He has a floating burning sensation and it is like a sunburn under the skin.  When you touch the are it is not hot, but he tells me it is burning.  The burning sensations happen throughout the day, some days he has headaches, muscle weekness, depression, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, and the list goes on.

About 4 years ago he did have a MRI not sure about the dye and he has had many, many, test but all were normal.

We went to a Natural doctor she did all kinds of test including throat scope through the body.  Showed a little acid reflux but not that bad.  The hair test showed high aluminum and a few other things.

We had already stopped drinking soft drinks. We changed cooking pans, we stopped sugar and went to sugar free, and went to low sodium diet.

The burning sensations and other symptoms went away for several years.

Now all the symptoms are back.

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