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tingling burning feet hands and legs and body wide twitching please help

I don't know if any part of this is related or or not but about two days postpartum I started having a headache it was called chronic and constant it was more like a mid-grade annoying headache nothing I took would take care of it after about two weeks of dealing with this I went to the ER er gave me a CAT scan which came out normal of the brain told me it was a tension headache mind you I did receive an epidural this lasted for about another week and a half before my Relentless headache gave up about 3 days after this I came down with the flu or some sort of upper respiratory illness and was sick for about a week and a half finally I felt good for about 3 days since giving birth the the next day I wake up with my hand burning sinsation it would not go away the only thing that would make it feel better is if I put my hand on something cold and this is where the problems begin eventually that burning sensation went to my other hand and then down to my foot where my feet begin to tingle almost like falling in sleep sensation it was constant 24/7 I went to my primary care doctor he ordered a bunch of blood test all were normal and referred me to a neurologist the neurologist ordered some more blood test and gave me an EMG which was normal he told me I had small fiber neuropathy and it was slow progressing this was about a month-and-a-half into it now here I am six months into it and symptoms of gotten worse the tingling burning sensation goes all the way up to my vaginal area and I now have body-wide twitching as in the muscles twitch uncontrollably mostly in my arms and legs but in all other areas too my my hands and arms are sometimes spared but I do occasionally get the burning tingling sensation in my hands please help I'm scared I also have what feels like weakness in my legs my legs don't even feel like they're my legs I recently tried to work out and my legs seem to buckle underneath me I can't seem to hold my footing has anyone had any of these symptoms and gotten better I don't know what to do anymore I'm so scared of all the test they came back my vitamin D levels were low 21 and my B12 was 336 also my Ana came back low positive at titer level the doctors say that none of these have anything to do with anything please reply anyone
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Also I forgot to mention that I had a MRI of my brain and C & T spine supposedly this was all normal didn't get one of my lumbar spine and often wondering maybe this is epidural related
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Your vitamin D and vitamin B12 are too low and that will ABSOLUTELY cause your symptoms.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause things like:
Anxiety, depression, muscle/bone pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle twitches, dizziness, unbalanced, restless legs, frequent urination, rapid heartbeat, headaches/migraines, insomnia, tremors, brain fog, tingling, pressure in head/eyes/ears, light/sound sensitivity, irregular menstrual cycles, panic attacks...

D should be at least 40-60ng/mL (above 50 is best)
B12 anything below 500 is bad. You need to be closer to 1,000

You also need magnesium.
If you listen to the doctors and do nothing your symptoms will continue to get worse. The tingling in extremities is from low B12. If your levels continue to drop and are not supplemented you can have nerve damage. People end up needing B12 injections to help them.

You can buy supplements over the counter and recover. I have gone through this.

If you're breastfeeding all the supplements are safe and will pass to your baby and help them also.

You can find Vitamin D3 (never take D2) drops online and at health food stores. They also sell D3 soft gels. Take this in the morning with fat like avocado, peanut butter, etc. any fatty food. D is fat soluble and needs fat to absorb. Liquid drops dose ranges come in 1,000; 2,000; 4,000 per drop. You can find soft gels in 1,000 and 5,000.
Take in the morning because D temporarily pauses the production of melatonin in your brain. Think of it as sunshine. It can cause insomnia if taken late in the day or at night. Also right now you can get UVB D3 producing rays from the sun. Generally from 10am-3pm during Spring/Summer.

You need to take magnesium as well. It will also help with muscles and headaches. I like Magnesium Malate. People say it can give energy. It doesn't do that to me. Many people like Magnesium Glycinate, but some people cannot tolerate the Glycine amino acid.
I can't take that type. It causes me a feeling of heavy chest and weird heartbeat.

Epsom salt or Magnesium Chloride Flake foot baths will be good to help you absorb magnesium.

Best way to take magnesium is about 100mg a few times a day. You can try 2 times a day and work your way up. Too much magnesium causes diarrhea. If that happens you lower the dose. Your body needs magnesium throughout the day. It cannot absorb large amounts at once. Stay away from Magnesium Oxide. It's poorly  absorb and best to cause bowel movements.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. D and magnesium will make calcium work properly and balance it. The water will hydrate you and flush excess calcium.

You also need to keep electrolytes balanced. Potassium and sodium are important. Coconut water, orange juice, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, nuts, Bragg's organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, organic black strap molasses all have potassium. The Organic apple cider vinegar is also good for your gut. 1 teaspoon in a glass of water 1-2 times daily.

Celtic Salt is good for sodium. It has trace minerals as well.
Table salt is bad. Also factor in the sodium in other foods you're eating.

You can get Vitamin B12 sublinguals for under your tongue. I have a Methylcobalamin one that's 1,000mcg and another that's 5,000mcg. 1,000mcg is a standard daily dose. In order to raise levels you need more daily. You should start with 1,000mcg daily to see how you feel. It may cause you to feel jittery. My face felt tingly at first. Now I don't get that way.

Stay away from Cyanocobalamin. You want Methylcobalamin.
They also have Adenocobalamin and Hydroxycobalamin sublinguals. I take all 3. I had to get them online.

If only taking one form you can go with Methylcobalamin.
That's the form the body converts it to.

Even with sufficient intrinsic factor and good intestinal health, B-12 is very poorly absorbed. For example, about 10 micrograms of a 500-microgram oral supplement -- only 2 percent -- is typically absorbed in healthy people, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Approx. Absorbability of B12 sublinguals:
500mcg    = 10mcg absorbed
1,000mcg = 20mcg absorbed
2,000mcg = 40mcg absorbed

B12 level in blood is within the reference range, as:
200 – 900 pg/mL in the United States
135-650 pmol/L in Australia.

Thus far, there is one thing that is clear: the current reference range is set as too low a level, and it may be raised to, conservatively, 500 pmol/L like they have in Japan.

Try to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in your food as well.

I dont know what to do.. The weakness is progressing
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