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tingling in hands and feet.

I have tinging in feet most of the day and almost every night I wake up with tinging in my hands. Like their are
asleep. I also feels like something in crawling in my head.{sometimes} . But I feels fine. Can there be something
wrong {Please Help}.
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I also have tingling in toes, feet and arm and fingers, as well as a crawling itchy feeling on my scalp.  I have had MRI and blood tests to rule out LUPUS and MS.  So far everything is o.k. except it seems like I have moderate rheumatoid arthitis, which I guess is not so good, but less frightening than having MS. You say you feel fine, are you fatigued, and feel pain as well as the tingling.  
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Hi, tingling could be due to low calcium levels, hypothyroidism, vitamin B deficiency or neurological disorder. Blood tests to rule out these conditions are must and also MRI brain for diagnosis in relation with neurological abnormality.

How old are you and any history of diabetes or hypertension?
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Thank you for answering.  I am 55 years old. No history of diabetes or hypertension.  I have had numerous blood tests, and MRI to rule out MS, lupus, diabetes. Everything came back O.K., except Rheumatoid Arthritis showed up low to moderate level. The MRI showed no MS, but showed that I have a problem with my eye, I had a detached retina two years ago, and underwent a double operation buckle and vitrectomy, and have lost functional eyesight in the affected eye, and am suffering now with the effects of Macular Puckering - blurry, wavy non-distinguishable images, for which I need another operation, which I am dreading and delaying.  Could these feelings of tingling be coming from the problem with my eye - maybe the optic nerve? However, I have a large thyroid nodule which was aspirated three years ago and that was also normal, at that time I had extreme fatigue, cold extremeties, and weight gain.  My thyroid levels were all checked and I was told normal.  I still have the thyroid nodule which seems to have gotten larger, as well as all the other symptoms, and now the tingling, pins & needles feeling, and numbness first only on my left side, arms, fingers, toes, ankles and feet, now it is also starting on my right side.I am at a loss as to what to do, it seems like all the Drs. look at my results and can't come up with anything but "stress" and/or very bad fibromyalgia.  I have had fibromyalgia for the past 10 years, the tingling is something different, it is painful like fibromyalgia but I never had tingling or numbness with fibromyalgia.  I will find out if my calcium levels were checked.  What else could be going on?
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Hi Dr. Kalra,

Can hypertension cause tingling and twitching?
I have been experiencing twitching since sometime now. I had high BP as well, 145/100?
Can high BP cause this?

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Hi, hypertension per se is not related with tingling but stroke resulting due to prolonged uncontrolled hypertension is related with tingling sensations suggesting TIA (transient ischemic attack).

In your case it seems unlikely, please get blood examinations for calcium, vitamin B and thyroid levels done as decrease levels leads to tingling.
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Did you ever receive a diagnosis for this? It is 2018 and I am experiencing the exact same symptoms (negative MRI of brain and cervical spine, normal blood tests, also have nodule on thyroid but normal thyroid levels).
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