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tingling of limbs..........

I feel my hands and legs tingling when  i sit/sleep for a few minutes in daytime as well as in sleeping during night time also.
Headache,eyes burning,irritation in 'scrotalsacs'as something is crawling in that when i sit or sleep,am unable to sleep.
I feel like as ants are crawling on my body everytime and severe irritation.

i hav seen some where that it's related to sciatica disease is it correct or not? else what ur good suggestion please send me quickly
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I'm not very knowledgable about all of it but I do sypathize with you.  I know the feeling that you are going through and it is very scary as well as irritating.  Have you been to the doctor?  If not, you should go as soon as you can.  Any time our bodies does something so abnormal it should not go un noticed.  If it is something serious the quicker you get started on a diagnosis the better off you'll be.

Thanks for listening.
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I have tingling....they say it's a herniated disk in my neck...MRI is next.  ***@****
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i have tingling in legs and arms and fingers/mostly in left side but get it in right side aswell ..somtimes my left arm feels weak and heavy..legs are sore even when i sit or lying down.. im aged 44 female
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You should see the doctor ASAP.  I would say blood tests are needed, and maybe vitamin or mineral deficiencies are causing the problems you have.  Low vitamin B can cause tingling and neurological symptoms
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Wow this is my first visit here and i am amazed that i am not alone!  i never knew so many people were having the same problems.  I started about 7yrs ago with GI/bowel problems...then approx 4yrs ago started having problems with emptying my bladder (have to go to urologist every 3months now to have my urethra dilated) about the same time was having problems with migranes, facial pain-ENT decided i had a small polyp in my sinus cavity that needed removed.....it didnt help......back pain came out of no where in my lower back....had therapy, estimulation and then epidural......worked for awhile, now headaches returned, i have fallen 2x, back and neck pain.  Left side with numbness in my arm, face and leg- its the feeling as if i have been sitting on those limbs and just got up-but it feels like that all day!  Now im getting a tingling feeling in my right leg in my thigh.    I had 1 brain MRI showed 2 lesions (report says 2 small punctate foci of signal hyperintensity within the centrum semiovale billaterally) whatever that means- cervical MRI with 2disc protruding-going for epidural in neck next week--  on neurotin 900mg 3x/day - now my labs are screw up- dr says thryoid levels low, liver enzymes critical, now what? 2nd brain MRI done last week shows no  change.....guess that is good.  Any suggestions??  I live in the hampton roads area of virginia would LOVE a suggestion.  Did i mention i am only 40yrs old.
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My husband has been getting progressively worse for many months now.  He has well over 24 lesions on his brain.  All of the symptoms of MS but they have ruled that out now.  They have ruled out a rare disorder called CADASIL.  His most recent MRI of his brain showed multiple white matter, high T2 signal foci-which suggests demyelinating disease.  Report said that lesions like these are seen in patients with migraines.  His largest lesion is on the right coronoa radiata and is 9 mm in size.  The report further states Multiple foci of white matter T2 hyperintensity on FLAIR and T 2 images bilateral frontal and parietal lobes.  My husband is only 45 and is declining rapidly.  He often exhibits stroke-like symptoms, left sided numbness face to toes, slurred speech, excruiating pain in the right side of his head, confusion, loss of balance, memory loss, weakness, spastisity and chronic infections of all kinds.  He has also lost the vision in one eye and sometimes cannot see well out of the other.  (these are just some of his major symtoms)  We have seen many doctors and are headed to a neurosurgeon to hopefully help us get the answers and medical attention he needs.  He is in constant pain every day.  Does anyone out there have anything advice, info or suggestions/stories to share?  Please help----my handsome husband is sick!  from:  ***@****
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