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tremors, cold flashes turning into sweating

  In the past year I have been having a problem that has now progressed into the these symptoms.
  1.  tremors.  hands shaking most of the time when I use them and head shaking sometimes.
  2.  odd feelings of coldness over entire body that become warm and feel like I am sweating.
  3.  walking problems sometimes.  Tonight when I stood up from sitting for about 20 mins. or so I fell over into the wall and couldn't push myself off of it for a minute or so.  But when it happened I didn't feel dizzy or anything and nothing got dark.
  4.  Sometimes I also have problems with speaking and that will last for a little bit of time like 15 mins. - 2 hrs.
  I would just like a fresh opinion about this.  I am on tegretol 800 mgs. each day for possible seizures (epilepsy).  My uncle has many of the same symptoms and the dr.s are looking into possible parkinsons disease.  Could this be related?  Does parkinsons show up in families like that?  I would very much appreciate anything that you could share with me.  Thank you!  chad
Doesn't sound exactly like Parkinson's disease (PD). The tremor you describe doesn't match. There are other symptoms which you don't seem to have. PD is usually sporadic, that is, it doesn't run in families. However, it can on rare occasions run in families, and there is some suspicion that there might be at least a genetic component, even if it is generally NOT a purely inherited disease.
Tremor may be "essential tremor" which sometimes does get misdiagnosed as PD. The other symptoms don't exactly go along with that. Essential tremor is benign and may progress minimally over decades. There is treatment, though sometimes patients just put up with it once they know it isn't something really bad. Incidentally, essential tremor often does run in families.
I didn't see anything that made me concerned about seizures. Tegretol can produce imbalance and by itself may be an explanation of your walking problems or even the speech abnormalities. Tegretol is a good drug, if you need it. But be sure that you are being treated for something you actually have rather than a suspected diagnosis. If your "seizures" are clear-cut, then your neurologist will tell you he/she is pretty confident. If not, then ask him/her to re-evaluate you or seek a second opionion from an epilepsy specialist.
I have no explanation for the hot/cold flashes.
I hope this helps. If you want a second opinion about the seizures or about the tremors and gait disturbance at CCF, you are welcome to call 800 223-2273 ext 4-5559 (neurology appointments). CCF MD mdf.

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