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trigeminal neuralgia and head trauma

      Re: trigeminal neuralgia and head trauma

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Posted by CCF MD GS on March 09, 1998 at 12:17:38:

In Reply to: trigeminal neuralgia and head trauma posted by Richele Brafford on March 03, 1998 at 17:40:21:

: In Nov. '95 I was involved in a car accident.  The car I was in was not equipped with seatbelts.
  A few days after the accident I began to have a tingling in my face and a shooting pain down my right arm.
  I called my doctor who replied I most likely just had a pinched nerve due to the accident.  The tingling sensation
  did not go away in my face.  I had an MRI which was negative.  Bloodwork was negative and an echocardiogram was normal.
  I was sent to the neurologist who said my residual right facial numbness
  in the V2 and 3 probably occurred as a result of a vasospasm related to the jarring of the accident.
  Over time the "tingling" turned into pain and I was put on 400mg Tegretol daily.
  Six months ago the pain began to come through the medication.  About once a
  month I have an "episode" of excruciating facial pain (from the ear to the
  jaw).  During that time I am literally on the floor from the pain.  My
  neurologist felt it was TN.  I continue to take Tegretol which usually controls
  the pain.  If it "bleeds through" I then take 100mg propoxyphene.  My questions are:
  1)What are your ideas on my case.
  2)I've read from others on the internet who suffer from TN from head trauma yet head trauma
  as a cause of TN seems to not be talked about in the medical world.  Why is this?
  Thank you.  
Thanks for the question Richele. I did a medline search over the past few years looking at TN and found no case reports linking it with trauma. I spoke with our neurosurgeon who does most of the TN surgery and he has never seen a case of trauma induced TN. Could trauma cause it???? Possisbly. I do not think that the medical world has a conspiracy on trauma and TN my guess is that if it exists it is very rare. Fortunately it sounds like for the most past that your pain is controlled. Good luck.
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