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twinges around mouth and jaw

  Since i got pregnant and had my baby some strange things have been happening.During my pregnancy i started feeling mild twinges , almost a pulling like sensation in my jaw.Since i had my baby 4 months ago , along with the jaw sensations i have also had muscle twitches around both sides of my mouth. To compound all this i have been having regular palpitations now, something i have never had before.My hmo doctor attributes it to stress.I dont think i am that stressed out. The ekg, echocardiogram  and holter tests all came back normal, with regard to the palpitations.
  I am worried about the pulling twinges around my mouth (let me specify ,it is not my lips that have the twinges, it is just around the mouth) and my jaw.
  I am 28 years old and have no other problems , except being mildly asthmatic.
  Please help me make sense of all this.Thank you very much.
Thanks for your question.  The symptoms described in your message are suggestive of some form of fasciculation (involuntary quick contractions) in some of your facial muscles.  It is usually a benign condition, although rather disturbing to patients.  You might discuss with your physician a short trial of a mild sedative, such as Xanax, for symptomatic improvement.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.

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