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unable to focus when reading, foggy and feeling of being disconnect

I've been experiencing some odd symptoms over the past few years and they have since gotten worse and now concerning to me.  My vision is constanly bothering me and I have a hard time focusing on words when reading.  In the past I've had spells of blurred vision followed by a lathargic state and then a pounding headache.  This headache sometimes lasted for more than 24 hours.  About 3 years ago, I had an MRI done and all came back clear.  I recently had bloodwork done and thought Diabetes was the case, but all results came back clear except my liver count (elavated AST and ALT).  I'm still going through some tests for the liver, but already had an ultrasound and Hep A,B,C test which were all clear. The blurry vision/foggy feeling has me concerned since I have recently been to the eye doctor and all was good. He simply gave me computer glasses and sent me on my way. The feeling is almost like being intoxicated and being disconnected. When I have conversations with people, it's hard to concentrate on that subject and even hard to remember what was talked about earlier. I'm a 31 year old male (6'1 210lbs) and in relatively decent shape.  I drank alcohol somewhat heavily on the weekends in college, but have 3-6 drinks a weekend at the most now.  

It's gotten to the point that I'm stressing about it and searching the internet for any clues.....If you have the same symptoms and hopefully a suggestion, please let me know. Any help is appreciated.  It seems that doctors have shrugged it off and I'm desperate for answers.
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I don't usually respond to these medical sites but i thought I would on this occasion. Unfortunately I am not a medical person who can offer you advice, just someone who suffers from similar problems to youself but in fact a lot worse.  However I have given up on finding a cause although I am still undergoing investigative procedures.  Because off the symptoms however no one believes a thing I tell them.

Even writing this email is causing me issues at this moment as not only my vision is effected but also my hand coordination.

I have problems with my vision, jumpy eyes, reading, typing (finger coordination), dizziness.  I also have problems with thoracic back pain between my shoulder blades, neck pain, burning feet and groin problems which I won't go into although I believe that all the problems are related in some way as they all started within a month of each other.  I believe the problems basically relate to 6 weeks of Chiropractic treatment I received a few years back.  I was in agonysing pain for around a year after the treatment and in fact was only having minor pain beforehand.

The vision, jumpy eyes, puch drunk feeling, coordination problems, dizziness, ONLY seem to be really bad when either my neck gets very stiff and sore or especially when I get an extreme pain between my shoulder blades, almost like a large burning knot.  I initially had the symptoms continuously for a period of 3-4 months but then the back pain eased off along with a reduction in the vision problems etc.

However I only need to bend the wrong way or lift something to heavy and the centre of my back feels like it is on fire and all my vision issues start up again.  I basically find it hard to function at work at all when this occurs.  My short term memory also suffers terribly.

I have had MRI scans of my back except for my neck.  They show some kind of shadow between my shoulder blades which they believe is a "schmorls's node" (excuse the spelling if I've got it wrong).  However they say it should not cause these problems.

Currently awaiting a MRI scan of my neck which although is causing me a lot of pain recently, I am sure it is the centre of my back that is the root of the problem.

Only really replying to find out if you experience any of the other symptoms I get, especially back or neck probelms.

As I said earlier just writing this email has been difficult as I am having vision/coordination problems at the moment.  I have made at least 30 typo errors which I have had to correct in the few sentences I have written.

Hope to hear from you.  Hope things get better for you.

I have given up and basically just try to live for the days when I do not feel as bad.


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I also understand your problem.  I suffer from blurred/ double vision, dizziness and balance problems. I cannot focus my eyes, and sometimes I feel like it's hard to talk or type or think clearly. I won't even get started on the pain/pressure in the back of my neck. When I turn my neck I feel like there is sand there, and sometime the pain radiates in my right arm. I cannot focus at work and I get extremely tirred very fast. At night I see halos around lights (yet a slit lamp test revealed no glaucome or cornea problems)and generally speaking I have really weird vision in which I don't have good clarity of what is close and what is far away. Doctors have put the following diagnoses: migraines with aura, ocular migraine, anxiety and stress, depression, neurosomatic disorder, very dry eyes. If you ask me, they have no clue what they are doing. The only depression and stress I have is the one inflicted by their incapacity for offering a proper diagnosis. I am 23 , young female and very healthy until 4 months ago. I am waiting now for an MRI.
Barry take care and don't give up. Never give up - I have had stress in my life but never ever felt this way. Doctors sometimes say things to get you off their backs cause they don't know what's wrong and they won't admit they have no clue.
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Hi Expatandconfused

Sorry to hear you have so many problems at such a young age.

I'm 47 and my problems started just under 2 years ago, so I have had a reasonably healthy life until then. I was a fairly young looking, active, happy go lucky type of guy.  

How things have changed. Losing weight, bags developing under my eyes etc. Like yourself I do feel stress and depression but as you say these are caused by the symptoms and the lack of interest from the medical profession to investigate the cause of the problems.

Also like youself I get problems when turning my neck although more of a continuous cracking sound than gritty sand feeling.  I also get pain radiating down both arms and into my hands.  Feels as if the pain is right in the bone sometimes.

I assume like me you are awaiting an MRI of your neck area.  

I do feel that the dizziness, lack of concentration, coordination problems are related to the spine but in my case although the symtoms do get worse with the sore neck, they get much worse, as they are at the moment, when I get the burning pain between my shoulder blades.

I am currently undergoing a form of treatment to try and resolve the burning pain in my feet.  The last time I visited the consultant my back pain and neck pain were not to bad but lo and behold a month later and they are as bad as they have ever been.  Hopefully when I see him again in a couple of months he will investigate the problem.

I hope that your MRI shows something that can be treated.

Take care.
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Oh my God! I can't beleive there are others out there with these same problems I am having. I am 33 and very healthy, but for the past 2 years I haven't been feeling very good at all. I to have had these spells where I'm sitting there and suddenly my eyes go blurry then my eyes are blinded for about 60 seconds more or less and when I come out of it i have to go lay down and sleep, it drains me and this is the first time it has happened this year just last week. In 2006 this has happened 3 times but I thought it was just my eyes, so I got frustrated and went to an eye doctor and he tells me my vision is prefect and that I needed to see a neuroligist. He said that I may have some either blocked or clogged artiers and that the blood may not be flowing to the brain normally. So anyways I had to go to the hospital 2 days ago,they did give me pain medication because my head has a bad pain in it the whole back I can't even touch it and the pain is getting worse sitting here typing but I want to try and finish, the hospital also got me in today to see a doctor (Neurology) he checked me over asked me about how I was feeling. Dizziness, blurred vision, eyes not stabble in the morning or anytime I sleep, numbness and tiggling in my legs, feet and toes, major pain in my head, fever, my vision is the worst and then he checks me over and says I need a MRI on my neck, what the neck? I'm thinking I have no idea whats thats about because there is no pain in my neck. I also have chronic lower back pain and had an MRI done for the lower back for at least 6 years now. I'm so sorry I will need to come back another day my head really hurts, I can't do this anymore, but I feel where your coming from it's very scarey to feel this and not know whats going on. I will pray for an answer for all of us.

Take care.
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Oh my doctor asked me today if I was undergoing any treatment for my back and I told him no he said DON'T even start because things will get alot more worse and said if I was having any treatment of any kind not to bother at all.
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I been having all the same problems as everyone and its makes me nuts this all started in the end of feb i was bowling and a threw a bowling ball down the lanes and all of a sudden i felt dizziness foggy my vision was all screwed up and i have problems concertrated this is now july and its still here i have been threw every test mri stress test artiries check ecog inner ear test and nothing the only thing i have left to check is my neck and back people are telling me its depression but i know for a fact its not cause its happens to me in places i love like the bowling alley and atlantic city also i have notice that light bother me if anyone can help me please reach out and for those people who are like me please dont give up and be strong thanks for listening My name is Anthony
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