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unexplained neurological symptoms

On July 27th/08 my mom finished working her night shift. SHe had just completed her rounds for morning care for the residents but she felt that her left hand was numb. She had carpal tunnel surgery 3 years prior to this. She came home and slept for 4 hours and awoke to find that her left arm felt very heavy and that the outside of her forearm feeling as though it had ice on it, while her hand and fingers still felt like they were asleep. She presented to the ER where she had an ECG and routine blood work, it all came back normal. She met me for supper when I noticed her left side of her mouth begining to droop slighty. She presented to an after hour clinic where then the Dr. noticed that the left side of her face had drooped completely. He then ordered a CT which came back normal. She met with the internist the next day. He ran more blood work for encephalitis and other viral infections. Later that afternoon I noticed her to be staring off and having blank expressions in the middle of a conversation. She couldn't remember things that had happened early in the day or who had called on her cell. We went back to the ER where she was then admitted. Later in the evening she would have periods where she became extremely giddy, then blank and expressionless, her face would droop slightly as well. Through the night she was moved to another floor. Thursday AM I was called to the floor as the nurses explained she was being inappropriately giddy and couldn't answer general questions. When I arrived she was giddy and almost childish and repeating herself frequently. In the afternoon her face drooped significantly and she couldn't tell me what time it was by looking at her watch. Her eyes didn't follow when the nurses checked her 6 cardinal positions of gaze, and while Mom thought she was answering and her eyes were moving they were not.
She had routine bloodwork daily and all her results came back normal. She was later sent for an MRI, EEG, EMG and results were normal other then she has carpal tunnel in her right hand, but she knew that before all of this began. She had tests for West Nile and Lyme. She does have hypothyroidism but her levels are WNL. She has had no other hx of health problems, she is in good shape and she will be turning 40 in a couple of months.
During her time in the hospital(a week) she had tingling sensations across her chest, up her neck to the back of her head, spine and side of her face. It later was replaced with a burning sensation across her chest and behind her eyes ,although she did not sweat she did sometimes appear to be flushed. Her episodes of drooping of the face and giddy to blank would happen anywhere from 4-6 times a day. Her neuro tests where always good during an episode although she would have a weaker grip in her right hand when she had left sided facial drooping(it was only ever on the left side that her face would droop).  One night she came out of the bathroom and lost her balance, almost like she was in a drunken stupor. She did spike a temp of 38.4 one evening but it hasn't occured since. She has been home now for almost 3 weeks and it's very frustrating. She has lost muscle tone in her arms, and has generalized weakness throughout, she is easily fatigued, her speech is sometimes garbled or she stutters or other times she says the wrong word for an object. Her memory is very poor, she can't remember a whole day or scenarios that have happened. Her shins this week seem to have dents in them..she has spasms where a single finger will move on it's own either up or down or side to side. She's exhausted. She complains of pain in her shoulders, next, and left foot. The other evening she had a slight droop to the left side of her face again. Several doctors are stumped. Any help would be benefical! Any ideas?  
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They ruled out meningitis-bacterial, too?
Were they looking for signs of stroke?
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They've ruled out meningitis and looked at a stroke but there was no evidence of a stroke in her blood work, CT, MRI. Any more ideas? We go back to her family doctor tomorrow any more tests or things would should ask about? The fingers on her left hand haven't stopped twitching sideways for 3 days now, they even twitch when she's sleeping.
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She has the symptoms of a stroke, specifically a slow bleed, and should probably have been placed on vitamin K. This is a liklihood, not a certainty. Bleeds cause gradual degradation of sentience and sensation and ability. Clots tend to cause abrupt changes. There are other etiologies, hoever. There would not be any evidence of stroke in her bloodwork. Who told you that? You look at the signs and symptoms. Not the darned bloodwork and MRI. I would have had your internists licence...well I'll stop...let's just say he was working abiove his pay grade and should have referred you to a stroke center instantly. Who told you "there is no evidence of stroke"? Obviously he recieved medical training in lower Ghana, and served in internship in Nigeria.
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