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upper back and arm pain

I am having pain and burning in the upper right side of my back, below the shoulder but just above the mid section of my back with the same pain and burning shooting down the back side of my arm, it also pains me when I bend my head down for a while and turn from side to side it gets really stiff and painful, PLEASE HELP!!!

This discussion is related to Shoulder, Upper arm pain, upper mid back........pinched Nerve.
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The symptoms may be due to conditions such as cervical rib syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome, upper extremity ischemia, Buergers/thromboangiitis obliterans, sprained neck/whiplash or other neurological conditions.
The cervical rib syndrome may present with upper extremity pains worsened by head movement,  spasms in neck,  shoulder pain and others. The diagnosis is through imaging studies like X-ray spine. You should consult your doctor for a complete investigation and management.

Do write in if you need any additional information.

Take care

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I have very similar symtoms to yours and I have had an EMG and cervical MRI of my spine.  I have been to a neurosurgeon twice and a neurologist twice with the results of both and EMG and MRI and they have both examined me.   Neither doctor has been able to "find" anything on the MRI even though the nerve test shows there is a nerve probleim of some kind.   Both doctors have no suggestions regarding what to do now.  They prescribe stong pain medicine.   I do not know where to go now, I do not want to take pain killers endlessly.
I tell you this so you know that even with meeting with two top specialists (both are "the best") and correct radiology and tests, the pain that we both seem to share can be a difficult problem to resolve.

Keep up the effort to find your cure.  Good luck.
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ive been sufering for about a week now. i have sharp pains in the mid section of my back shoulder and arm,all on my left side. the muscle on my chest also tightens when its at its worse. i can only describe the pain as a dull ache in my arms and joint. a sharp never ending pain in the middle of my back. i cant sleep on my sides and when i try and lay on my back,it seems my shoulder blade rubs on the muscle or tendon causing me to not sleep properly. as i struggle to take any kind of medication because of bad experiences in the past. its like i have a phobia and get a little panicy when thinking about having to take tablets. any information or input would be really welcome. jason
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