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upper back spasm

I have had chronic back spasm, for 2 years, the pain starts in the middle of my back between the shoulder blades and radiates around my rib cage into my chest. I have had a MRI, seen a Chriopractor, had PT, had triggerpoint injections with no help. I have tried valium, flexeril, and all other meds. Currently on Soma which helped for 4 mo, now I'm back to square one, theses spasm are severe and last for 2- 3 hours, and have put me in the hospital, So far no one can help, I have seen a physiatrist that deal with muscels but they have not been able to help, when these spasms occure I will have burning in my shoulder blades and numbness down my arms and hand. When they finally stop, I am exausted and my ribs ache. My Mri was reviewed by a neurologist, but he did'nt see anything so I was told to live with it. They are getting worse I am now waking up with them and its interfering with my work. Honestly I would rather be dead then to fill this pain because I feel like I'm having a knife pushed through my back and into my chest. Is there any other xray that can be done, something is not right, and my husband feels so helpless when these spasm start, nothing I have tried ice, heat, excerise hasn't worked. When I say these are 2-3 hrs spasm this is know joke, they last this long. Please help, cant live this way any longer.
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Maybe you need pain meds, and muscle relaxers to combat this and a good rest. (like, 2-4 weeks bed rest)

With spasm the best thing is rest. Talk to your MD and see if he will prescribe, and maybe put you on disability if you work so you can really treat this problem.
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I have tried everything there is, for 2 years, so far no relief, I live in a rual area, and I have had Mri and Ct scan, No neurologist will even see me, because they don't see anything on the xrays. I have done PT, and all kinds of medication, pain meds don't touch the kind of pain I have, these are 3 hours spasm, I have been given 3 nitro, valium to stop these spasm, with no relief, I had every doctor in the building trying to stop them and last resort was to send me to the hospital, I am a nurse and work in a clinic, and these Drs will not refer you out side the group. So this is hopeless for me,
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It may be a long shot, but have they checked your Vitamin D level?  I've had various symptoms, including upper back, rib cage area pain, often like spasms, that stops me in my tracks, and I have had to stop many of my daily activities.  I've had a lot of tests and no diagnosis.  I was recently found to be low in Vitamin D, which my internist says can cause muscle discomfort, although my neurologist disagrees. It may be worth a try for you.  So far I haven't seen much results from the supplements (by prescrption, once a week for me), but I've read articles that say it can take months.  

Best wishes.
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