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violence and left temporal seizure

I am a 58 yr old R.N. in critical care nursing. One night in October I hit my husband with a glass figurine. I do not remember anything of this action. Later a memory came to me of my husband chasing me hitting me very violent. This memory was a figment of my mind as this action never took place. I was awakened by the police, I was confused I still do not remember anything. There has never been any violence between myself and my husband. The children said I got up from the chair reached for the figurine, my husband said my face changed colors and he was afraid. No drugs, no alcohol, no history. I had a concussion about 12 years ago. I have read some on left temporal seizures and I see some of the symptoms in myself. EEG showed slowing of the left temporal lobe.
I am still looking for answers.
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Do you take any sleep aids?  I've heard that they can sometimes induce symptoms like these.  I recall one story where a woman killed her mother after using Halcyon regularly for a year.
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