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vitemin b12

  I also have been asked to do an b12 test that is suppose to mimic the samemsysmptons as Ms?
  does it and what differents might it have? I want know what is wrong but niether do? where caz
Dear Pat:
Vitamin B12 deficiency causes a neurological condition called subacute combined degeneration. Symptoms of this disorder include tingling and numbness of the extremities, specially the legs, which can progress upwards to even potentially involve the trunk, imbalance of gait, stiffness of the legs, and in late stages even incoordination of the hands and problems with urination. The pathology of the disorder lies in the spinal cord and the sensory nerves. In addition, patients with Vit B12 deficiency can have problems with memory and thinking.
Some of the symptoms of Vit B12 deficiency can mimic multiple sclerosis. Hence, it is common practice to check vit B12 levels in patients suspected to have MS, who have a spinal cord presentation with a stiff and unsteady gait. Additional tests such as homocysteine and methylmalonic acid levels may be more sensitive markers of Vit B12 deficiency and may be of value as "rule-out" tests when Vit B12 is a likely diagnostic consideration.
Symptoms and signs of early B12 deficiency may reverse considerably with prompt treatment.
This information is for general medical education purposes only, and cannot substitute for your doctor's advice.

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