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weird neck ,sinus pressure, pressure behind eye,constant neck popping.

Last spring I was suffering from neck pain that led to headaches. The neck pain had been there from the previous fall but not the headaches.Then I started feeling pressure in my forehead,went to the doctor they did a cat scan and I had a really bad sinus infection.Lasted for about 3 weeks,went to the ears for another two weeks and finally disappeared! A couple of days went by feeling pretty good then all of the sudden felt an extreme head pressure and a swelling in the side of neck! I thought maybe my sinus infection had come back but CT scans showed no sinus problems,ears clear.The ENT did agree that I had soft tissue swelling in the side of my neck (where the cartoid artery would be). Had another contrast CT scan on the side of my neck. Showed mild swelling and that was all. I got busy moving to a new house towards the end of that summer so I let things slide.  Okay here are my symptoms that are making my life misery! Behind eye pressure in right eye fullness feeling in right ear,occasional ringing in right ear,swollen neck (right side) that when pressed upon makes the pressure behind my right eye feel worse! Floaters and worsening vision in right eye, constant neck popping and cracking  ( to release pressure build up ) pressure  and sorness in neck area, sore spot on spine towards the neck. right arm weakness, sore shoulder blades., and sinus pressure without sinus problem,s extreme fatigue. Can anyone give me a clue?
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Oh I forgot to add ,feels like someone is choking me when my neck flares up!
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i have the same problem, same symptoms  as you along with triedness sorry have'nt found anything that really helps.
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Have any of your doctors have a clue what it is?  I have the same symptoms and I feel like I am loosing my mind.  I have so much pressure, my chest is starting to hurt from the pressure and I feel most of the pressure in my ears.
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Hello...sorry I was not a member at the time of your post regarding your physical symptoms.  I did however feel compelled to respond to you, as there was no advice given to your complaint.

After reading much of (well almost all that I have had to live with) I wanted to help direct you in finding your proper--yes, "proper" diagnosis.

As for the swelling of your neck, obviously there is an autoimmune response actively attacking that lymph node.
Regarding the pressure and popping of your cervical spine...the pressure build-up is most likely coming from stenosis along with some inflammation. After long periods of inflammation, the joints begin to break down, thus causing a loss of cushion known as cartiledge disc between these vertebrae. The popping your hearing is just that. Osteoarthritis induced hypermobility. This can also happen when one with active osteoarthritis seeks chiropractic adjustments over several periods of time.  The treatment is spinal fusion with removal of arthritic tissue/scarring.

Now, to move on to your sensation of pressure behind the eye and within the ear, this can also be coming from that stubborn and worn out cervical spine. Addtionally, a jaw condition known as TMJ can cause similar symptoms.

At this point you're probably wondering how in the world can all of this be happening to me? Well, to make it simple, these are all symptoms of just one or two related conditions that commonly cause the symptoms your described.

Where there is joint, lymph node, pressure, muscle spasms; the screening for autoimmune disease must be ruled out. Commonly, patients are seen with more than one autoimmune disease, or a pre-existing disease aggravated by the immune system reacting to it excessively as in autoimmune.

I am no doctor, but based on your complete symptoms, here is what I recommend:
1. MRI C-spine
2. Referral to Rheumatologist (Run a CBC, ANA, Anti-DNA) to diagnose/rule-out an immune system cause.
3. Begin treatment for Fibromyalgia--your muscle spasms, and pressure behind eyes can be caused by muscular spasm of the TMJ, commonly seen with Fibromyalgia.
4. Finally, find a GOOD TMJ specialist and begin treatment.

Regardless of whether there is an autoimmune component, your symptoms sound to be that of Fibromyalgia with severe TMJ (commonly seen with this condition) Fibromyalgia loves to attack the jaw and cause alot of facial pain, exhaustion, and pressure around the front muscles of the neck.

Lastly, get the node in your neck biopsied to r/o another problem/confirm autoimmune disease.

I hope this helps.  Unfortunately, none of these recommendations are quick solutions and require many
months of follow-up and persistence to get under control. Manage your stress and get therapy if your
having trouble coping. Any long term illness is very wearing to the sufferer--no matter how strong they are!

Take care,

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get a chiro to look at ur c1
i had the same issue  
after 3 weeks with a chiro working on it the nerv became uncompressed ..
such a relif
my issue now is that i lost my emotions for some reason ... hoping it wasnt the other dr  giving me  zoloft  
3 months and i got off that stuff... but im  still too relaxed
please look into a chiropractor
it will help
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I googled my symptoms and this came up, exactly the same as mine but it seems to be triggered after winter is over. I live in south Florida and think the heat might have something to do with triggering inflammation??
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