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what are my MRI results saying in simple terms

Can someone please explain to me my MRI result I have called both my Doctor and my nurse at my local VA clinic 2 weeks no call and I just want to understand my results Va does not have appointment for over 1 month and I have already been waiting 2 weeks.
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MRI results state:

1: Partial tear of the anterior distal fibers of the ACL graft involving less than 50% of the graft with the torn fibers of the ACL graft with the torn fibers displaced anteriorly. Posterior fibers of the ACL graft remains intact. Small osteophyte extending from the medial intercondylar notch indents the ACL graft.

2. marrow edema in the styloid process of the fibular head suggesting posterolateral corner injury through the arcuate ligament complex is not well seen.

3. Tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus superimposed on changes from remote debridement. Although no fluid signal is seen within the tear, presence of minimal subchondral marrow edema in the subjacent tibial plateau suggests that the tear may be acute. Comparison to prior knee MRI would be helpful.

4. Intrasubstance degeneration the lateral meniscus with a chronic appearing tear of the posterior horn.

5. Thickened medial plica with chondral fraying of the medial patellar facet.
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Sounds like the front (anterior) part of your ACL (the stabilizing ligament in the knee) graft (from the prior surgery) is torn.  The back (posterior) part of it still looks good and is intact.   There appears to be an osteophyte (piece of bone or bone spur) right in front of the ACL that is pressing in on the anterior ACL.   I wonder if that contributed to the tear?!?  Looks like you have also had part of your medial meniscus removed in the past and it appears that there is a re-tear of the medial meniscus (shock absorber that lives on the I side of the knee) as well.   Your lateral meniscus (shock absorber that lives on the outside) is torn in the back (posteriorly) as well.  All of that sounds scary I know.  If your knee feel unstable you might be looking at a revision ACL reconstruction.   good news is it doesn't sound like you have much osteoarthritis.   Hope this helps a little bit!!   Good luck to you!!!
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