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what causes Polyneuropathy

March 27th i was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and i am now hypothyroid all levels are in the normal range now.
A few weeks after surgery i started having pain in my toes and then it worked to my feet and now to my legs and fingers. It is very painful when i stand up to walk after sitting for 10 to 15 minutes. My Endo thinks i have some type of neuropathy.

I researched on the internet and found my symptoms were similar to Polyneuropathy,what causes this?

Sugar levels are normal,but i do have hypoglycemia.
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I have hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid and also have autonomic dysfunction and newly-diagnosed polyneuropathy.  It is thought my neuropathy is from the autoimmune thyroid.  You would need to get a muscle/nerve conduction test to verify if you have neuropathy which will test for the type which is large fiber.  Small fiber can only be tested in certain labs with the ability to do the QSART test.  

There are over 100 types of neuropathy and the tx depends on the cause.  If there is diabetes, vitamen deficiencies or other causes that can be treated or remedied then that is part of the approach.  There are also txs for autoimmune type neuropathy if it is caught soon enough.  Some patients are given supplements like Metanx that help the vasculature.  Pain management is another subject and many approaches can be tried including neurontin, cymbalta, lyrica and some other antidepressants and anti-convulsents.  

I hope you are able to get a definitive diagnoses and help with your symptoms.  Marie
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Is polyneuropathy treatable? if so, how do they treat it?

Will it go away?

I don't drink at all.
I have hypothyroidism.
I have hypoglycemia.
And I am on 88mcg of Synthroid,I also take Nexium and Vitamin D.
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The causes of polyneuropathy other than Diabetes are- old age, some medications and  drugs, such as some chemotherapy drugs, alcohol abuse, AIDS, environmental toxins, and inherited neurological neuropathies. However no underlying cause can be found in a majority of patients. It may be the use of anticancer drugs for thyroid cancer that may have lead to the development of Polyneuropathy for you.  Please consult a neurologist for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!  

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