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what could it be?

over the past few months i have had all kinds of strange symptoms which have Landed me in the hospital multiple times out of Fear,   i have a Constant heart arrythmia *skipped beats and pauses*,  constant Fasiculations and twitching that started out in the bottoms of my feet but now are widespread, i get pins and needles very often in my arms , legs, feet, and face, sometimes it will start in my face, sometimes my hands, sometimes my legs but no matter where it starts it always spreads elsewhere fast, i've had Carpal Pedal spasms, and spasms in my Feet where my toes curled in, i have had Visual Scatoma's (Visual Auras or Visual migraines) Difficulty breathing that comes and goes, constant anxiety caused by the fear of my symptoms, sometimes my Muscle twitches will be Isolated to  one area, sometimes i will have them in 2 different spots at the same time (for example  in one foot, and my face at the same time)  
i have been to the Hospital countless times and had Countless Blood tests done (Calcium levels, lymes disease, Blood electrolyte levels, full Blood panel)   i was admitted my last visit and had a CT scan, MRI and EEG which all Came out clean and Normal showing no signs of MS or Tumors)   i have been to a cardiologist and had a Holter Monitor, Event Monitor, Echocardiogram, Stress test (past them all, but my doctor did tell me i have a "non life threatening heart arrythmia"  shortly after my MRI and CT scan i went to a neurologist who did a physical Exam, EMG and Nerve conduction test, which came out Clean)     i have had Chest Xray's  i have had a Full Spinal MRI and head MRI  none of them showed any abnormalities.

i have been referred to a Pschiatrist/Psychologist because my doctors seem to think i am having some type of Panic disorder, but when my symptoms come on i don't feel Anxious or in a state of panic, its only after my symptoms show up that i start to panic.

i'm starting to think that maybe i do have an anxiety disorder because i really don't know what else it could be im just Worried that it is something that is bizzarre and undetectable like CJD or some other strange neurological disorder.

the symptoms are not Constant except for my heart arrythmia which is always there.

ill be sitting there watching T.V. and all the sudden i will just notice Difficulty with breathing, tingling in the face, hands, or feet    

the twitching doesnt happen so much when im up an moving around i notice that more so when im lying in bed, its a constant buzzing sensation in whatever muscle is twitching.

again here is a List of the tests that have already been performed

Thyroid Blood test
Full Blood panel test in hospital   x   6
Head and Spine MRI
CT scan of the brain
Physical Neuro exam
Nerve conduction test
Lymes disease Test
Blood calcium test
Event Monitor x 30 days
Holter monitor
Stress test

Does anyone else Notice any similar Bizarre symptoms that are Unexplained like i do?  the only explanation my doctors are giving me is anxiety, the only Test i havnt had is a Spinal Tap. which i think would diagnose whatever is happening to me but no one seems to think i need one.
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I have the same exact symptoms;; it is called perierphal neuropathy - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/peripheral-neuropathy/DS00131

i had it for 5 years so it's not life threatening i guess;; just starting to seek answers.  Carbamazepine has really been shown to work for these symptoms.

please consult w your physician as i am not a dtr.
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try neuropathy support formula;; along w marshmallow root
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Thanks for the response its good to know that I'm not alone .  My o my concern is that there is an underlying causes that I don't know nor do the doctors
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there probably is a underlying cause it's rare that it happens on it's own.  Either way God bless
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maybe it is a side  effect of your untreated heart arnthiya;; there is a neuropathy center im going to in Asheville nc to get hekp
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