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what's happening to me

Sorry this is long but I will give u the shorter verson

I too have this problem I black out I have had aura and have unusual spells of talking rubbish it makes sence to me but everyone else doesn't understand what I am saying.

Also had just one attack where I felt odd went dizzy lightheaded lost vision movement and speach.... I could shout for help but I could hear I had small rigety movements like jerking but that was the only time it happened.

Every blackout I have had I feel odd walk drunk get lightheaded loose vision speach and movement then after I come back around quickly and I'm fine.

Other symptoms drinking over 3 liters of fluids unless I get a bug then it reaches 6 - 8 litres of fluid a day the toilets is my best friend.

Also quezy stomach feel sick and vomit half of the time, shaky inside and shaky hand in spells, if I'm cold I'm bone chilled and shake with shivers, if I'm hot my skin is clamy and I swelter , migraine have been reduced .... Only because of mess but I still have a permanant headache that feels like pressure pushing on my head with sharp pains and throbbing on top of that palpatations irregular heart beat too fast and asthma I have confusion, disorientation blured vision on and off pins and needles in hands and feet and I wake up with no arms.... Can't feel them completely dead.

At the same time I keep getting trapped never in my back on the right hand side of spine. I already have a damaged coxic.
Oh and pains in ribs 3 or 4 years ago they said I have chostochondritis my ribs still stick out.
And I only have one kidney

I can't have beteablockers as it triggers an asthma attack which it did on wi 3 of taking them.

I seen a cardiologist had two visits other than a Hilton monitor did nothing he released me to a neurologist which I see tomorrow

my doctor thinks the blackouts are Syncopy and he also thinks I'm having seizures as one one of my attacks I couldn't write property couldn't hold the pen my head bowed forwards and left I had aura and few hours after it happened I looked at my notes ... It looked like a baby had written it.

My partner doesn't understand I've no one to talk to and I've been off work now for five weeks doctors orders ... Oh and they have told me no driving

I'm falling apart....... Help
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Well, hopefully, you have a glucose meter at home with test strips (or whatever) you can use to monitor your fasting blood sugar levels.  It's fairly easy to find normal values online for what a fasting blood sugar should be.  If they are abnormal, it's definitely something you want to bring up with your doctor.  Apples are supposed to be good for helping to control your blood sugar level I've read and cinnamon can have an affect too, so you might want to talk to your doctor to see if you should try both or either of these things to help if you have high blood sugar levels.

Getting a copy of your medical records is a great idea!  If you can organize them in a folder, they can be pretty easy to lay your hands on when you are planning to visit a doctor... you can have them at your fingertips anywhere you go.  You'll want to make sure if they look at them you get your copies back so you don't have to start over in getting more copies, which I imagine might cost some money?

If you don't have one already, please buy a blood pressure monitor from the store.  The instructions on them are quite simple and you can learn if you are having high blood pressure readings frequently or not at home that way.  Hypertension is definitely something to watch for if you have a lowered glomerular filtration rate (GFR) with your one kidney.  Also, if you do, avoiding NSAIDs such as ibuprofen I believe is generally advised too (have a sibling with two kidneys, but one is congenitally defective)- you probably already know that about NSAIDs.

There is a way you can do the "poor man's tilt table" test at home.  Use a blood pressure cuff that also takes your pulse.  Omron is generally a good brand if you can get one of those.  

Take your pulse or have someone do it that knows how- that's in case the monitor gets the pulse wrong (sometimes they seem better for the blood pressure than the pulse reading).  Lay down for about ten minutes.  Take your blood pressure and pulse with the monitor & then take your pulse in your wrist.  Then stand up.  Wait a full minute and take your pulse, etc. again.  If your pulse is more than 30 beats a minute faster standing than it is when you are lying down, you might even remain standing and take it again after you've been standing five minutes.  Record the numbers and show them to your doctor you and ask if you could be referred to an electrophysiologist for a REAL tilt table test.  Another test that might be done to confirm P.O.T.S. is a standing plasma norepinephrine test.

  If you learn you have any form of dysautonomia, including if you have P.O.T.S., as I do, feel free to join the dysautonomia forum here on medhelp and ask questions!  Here's a link:
http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Dysautonomia-Autonomic-Dysfunction/show/266  ;
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Going to a neurologist would be wise- they may want to order a brain scan  and possibly an EEG as well with your symptoms.

  Additionally, I am strongly suspecting you may be suffering from water toxicity given the amount of fluid you say you are taking in.  Water toxicity can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in your body, cause seizures and be deadly.  Too low of sodium caused by water intoxication might also explain the syncope (fainting).

  Please be sure and cut back your fluid intake tremendously- think 48 ounces per day up to a maximum when you have a virus or infection of 80 ounces per day.  Talk with your nephrologist (I hope you do have a kidney doctor since you have only one kidney?) about your situation also.
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Why do you drink so much water? Are you incredibly thirsty? If you are that thirsty I would suspect diabetes. If your blood sugar is out of whack it could cause some of the symptoms you are talking about. Also, I would see if a doctor can rule out Thyroid problems or certain types of epilepsy. I wish you better health.
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Very dry mouth and thirsty my urine is sweet to smell an dark in colour and I've had blood test an they Said it was normal but I think they haven't checked all forms of diabieties.
Diabetes runs in the family I think mine fluctuates too much
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Did they run HgA1c tests on you in checking for diabetes?  With your thirst and sweet smelling urine, along with a family history of diabetes, it would be worth investing in a home blood sugar check machine- I've read they can start as low as ten bucks & obtaining some at home some fasting blood sugar levels.  Are you using sugarless gum or sugarless hard candy for your dry mouth?

  Dark urine when you are drinking that much could be a sign of something wrong with the liver- did they check your liver function?
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They said the did a full check on blood including organ functions thyroids glands and told me all was ok
I'm starting to wonder ...... After I woke this morning I went to the loo and it was dark and had a sweet smell yesterday I had about 3 litres of liquids
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Wonder if they were looking at the results of somebody else's labs?  Happened to me once.  Same name, wrong patient.  Though first thing in the morning if your body's been holding it for hours, urine is likely to be more concentrated.  Did you call the nephrologist yet?
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Went to my docs and told him everything
I have a few results stating low blood pressure the doc said deformed not got diabetes but is sending me for an adominal scan and adrenial gland check ? Hypotention could be one of my problems .... Got to wait now for the scan and egghead cap lol at the rate everything is going it could be 2014 by the time I find out what's going on.
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Deformed not got diabetes?  I don't understand that statement.  What did the doctor say about how much you are drinking?
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Sorry its the predictive text its defo not got diabeties
but last night around 9.50pm I all of a sudden felt somethin wash over me and I started feeling quezy and lightheaded I was sat down.
So I checked my sugar levels on aviva nano and it had dropped to 4.6mmol I know this ain't low enough I am gona wait now and check it the next time i feel it drop.
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First thing that came to mind was a problem with your one kidney and that you could be dealing with DI (Diabetes Insipidus) secondary to a kidney issue. There are different kinds of DI too.  

Any imaging of your head done?  If not, get an MRI of the brain/head WITH constrast done.  A Urinalysis, a Renal panel  and a 24 hour urine test shoud be ordered as well.  

Your regular physician can order the above.  

This is NOT purely Neuro.  You are having some neuro symptoms, but this is NOT anything for a Neurologist to investigate in my opinion.  Ideally, you should consult an Endocrinologist.

Well....at least he has ordered a scan of your adrenal gland.  This will give some view of part of the kidney.  He should have ordered a scan of the entire kidney and adrenal gland.  

Sounds like a job for an Endocrinologist or a Kidney Specialist.....not sure which at this point.  
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On the blood sugar, how does that number translate when it comes to milligrams per deciliter, which has a normal fasting range of 70-100 according to one website?  

Did you talk to the doctor about the amount of fluid you are drinking?  It's EXTREMELY important.
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