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why am I having tremmors

I'm 47, always good health, don't drink, or smoke, only med is for thyroid, which last blood test showed a little off, t4  12.9 and ths 0.125.  Doctor said no big deal, lowered med. 25.mgs.  (end of Dec)

My body about a 2years ago, stared jerking at times of rest, ....got on prozac for 6 months, it went away.
About 3 months ago, started jerking lightly again,  started getting real tired...... then also times very hyper , feeling. then  got kind-of depression . my body stared feeling tremmors lightly at all times,... then little by little got worse, mostly when try to do fine motor skills, like writting, hold cup of tea.holding an object to hand to someone like money, and typing is hard.
i feel this at rest all time but not as bad,  but it will wake me in my sleep.  can't sleep well because wake up and body feel stiff, and get up and strech, go back to bed.   I stay tired, my mind is feeling like ADD.  I feel like I'm only get worse, ..
my whole body shakes, head to legs,  I have a times light numbness in left side of face, (once or twice a week for hour or so.  It is very embrassing when I go out to work I collect DNA samples, and hand shake, and legs people are always asking are you ok.  Most of the time people can't see it though.    I had complex sizoures mindly about 7 years ago, but they went away.

My tmj Doctor told me to see a neurologiest, after seeing me and my shakes, but she said that many don't take the time to try to understand peoples problems., and that this would be a long hard road.
I do have an appointment, this week.
Please help and let me know what you think and what all I need to see neurology.  I have incressed vt. B's and D's  in last month no help either.
What do you think about all this, I am on prozac now but it's not helping at all.
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Usually, tremors could be associated with fatigue, stress, anxiety or a form of panic attack. Other possible causes of tremors could be overactive thyroid, Parkinsonism disease, alcohol use, certain medications, alkalosis, and low blood sugar. Sometimes previous injury may cause pinched nerve and may be a reason of tremor and may be associated with light-headedness or migraine. Therefore, it is quite essential to thoroughly assess the all possibilities here with the help of a doctor. Hope this helps.
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no that did not help, I'm not stressed. and i told you i don't use alcohol.  I don't think  youunderstand people don't want to hear they are stressed all the time.  We do know the difference.  I'm up set because doctors feel like the big answer is anti[depressants.

I understand that without a examine you can't offer diagnosis, but  would like to have had
a couple a seconds of consideration,  I didn't want the pat answer that is the same as so many others the cut and paste that I have seen you write on many others.  We are people
in need of help.  I truly do  not mean to be disrespetful to you.  

If this is the only thing you can tell me , where is my hope, and and the depression I feel comes from not knowing what is going on with me, and doctors not seeing us and people with hearts and emotions.
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Thank you for your question. I truly sympathize with your health concerns. The possibilities mentioned here could be the probable reason of your tremors, and can not be evaluated without being able to examine you in person. I would specially suggest that you evaluate your thyroid disorder (overactive) thoroughly that can be the potential cause of your tremors. In addition, thyroid disorder may result into anxiety that can also be reason of your tremors. I would suggest to see endocrinologist & neurologist here who can evaluate possibilities mentioned to you earlier. Hope this helps.
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Thank you, I have an appoitment with a neurologist 2-3-10, I have been tring to see an endocrinologist but regular internal medicine doctors office is so busy they have not sent out my refreal , I have waited 3 weeks to get blood work, now 3 weeks to get the refreal , and have to have that before I can make the appointment.  So I go see neurologist, and I hope they will help.  Regular doc. says my thyroid numbers are not that bad, to make me have tremors, so I do get anywhere with her she say take prozac, but I still shake all time, and have been since december.

Thank you for you help, as I  said I don't mean to be disresptful to you. thank you for your time.
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