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why do i constantlr hear music in my head 24/7

for a very long time now i hear music constantly in my head I have been told it has to do with my subconsience being like blotting paper and the play button is stuck on. and that it will be replaced sooner or later, but it has been a long time now and it is really getting me down I am an christian evanglist and for me to remember and study the bible is hard to concentrate with the music constantly in my head my mind soon forgets what I have studied and just reverts to the music and I dont Remember a portion of what I should it is really stressing me out because it is essential to my minestry to know these scriptures. please can you help me?
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It could be an attack from demons. I have heard stuff before, over and over and the only thing that will stop it is to pray In the name of JESUS leave. Or even that high pitch noise and God would lead me to pray that all demonic high pitch noises leave now in Jesus name and they left.
But, I do know about being attacked and having to bear through while my house had demons in it- and when I started praying out of this Route Demons book (very good by the way & cheap& lines up to scripture) I started getting bad pain in my head, so bad I couldn't keep one of my eyes open- I kept praying even though in severe pain. That night I was woke up my all a sudden sharp pains in different places, that would make wake up and jump out of bed. If you stick with what I am telling you below it will have to leave- God word is true and we have authority in Jesus name.

Speak scriptures that are declaring your righteousness in God through Christ Jesus, another no weapon formed against you...I have been given the authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and nothing will harm me.. there's a lot more than this. Satan does not like the word of God- we live by the word of God- like when Jesus was tempted of satan-he spoke the word against him.

I would also bind up all form of witchcraft, occult, hexes,vexes, curses, voodoo,hoodoo and such-breaking all cord to them in Jesus name.
The occult is on the rise- we have dealt with many witches trying to send curses, even pulling up in front of the church, putting items on the church grounds.One more example once I found blank divorce papers on my property , edges burnt and that day I kept hearing this constant chanting about leaving my husband & such- God told me to walk the property and I found the blank divorce papers burned them & prayed- the voices stopped.
In the case of stuff being put on ones property- we must remove the item & burn it if possible and walk the property praying it out.
We must stay prayed up, plead the blood of Jesus over you, your house, property, door posts & lentils. It is by the blood of the Lamb & Our testimony we overcome the world.
This stuff is serious and I believe you are under attack like the rest of the real Body Of Christ is. Praise and worship is a form of spiritual warfare too- 2 Cor 20 shows how fasting and praise to God caused the enemy to not invade Judah.
Repent of any sins- ask God if there are any open doors and get them closed in Jesus name. Also make sure you don't have occultic items in your house unknowingly- I once had a glass candle stick with a 8 point star  etched in the bottom of it and didn't know it until God sent someone to warn me- when I looked it up the 8 point star was linked to the occult and meant to send a curse of chaos -chaos in all directions. I got it out of my house and things calmed down.
Stick to staying prayed up, speaking the word, fasting(IS 58), Praise & worship and it will back off.
I also have many pages on spiritual warfare and studies I have done if interested or if you want to contact me, you can do it through this link-

I hope I have helped
God bless you and I am praying for you.
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I have had this problem! It comes and goes. I have had an MRI and been to the ENT and they found nothing. My behavioral therapist suggested to stop using artifical sweetener and to quit drinking diet. He had read something about aspartame causing these symptoms.
I'm not sure if it was the Diet or not, but as soon as I stopped, the songs went away!
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I read your post and need to know if you found help.  Did the songs stop?  I need to understand this as my daughter is living with this every moment of her life.  Please help me to know that you are fine now, that you can live your life.  I don't know if this goes to you personally, Clarkey, but I am a Christian and my daughter is as well.  I have tried to read God's word to her, but she says she can retain nothing.  
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idk if its a disease but everyday a song plays in my head that i havent heard in years, idk if its disease but like even if im not thinkin bout anything a random song that i dont even know what its called that i havent heard since i was like 5 years old starts playing and then im forced to google the lyrics to find out the song thats playing in my head... its a different song everday. is this a disease or something does anyone know
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