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Undiagnosed stroke?

My father suffered a stroke (hemorrhagic) a few years ago. He was being treated by a neurologist for dizziness, nausea, bluured vision and severe headaches. They diagnosed him with just "vetigo". He recieved an MRI for his condition. Within the same year he suffered the stoke. He was evaluated for a year prior to this happening

Was this a missed sign? To me it seemed like he was suffering mini-stroke that led to the stroke.

I would like to know if there are neurologist that would help me by reviewing the MRI prior to the stroke to see if there was any indication that a stroke was in fact occuring.

I will be willing to pay for your time....I cant afford a massive amount. He does have insurance and I can pay whatever might be accumulated.

I want an out of state Noeurologist, so that there is no bias (Here in Ga.)

Thank you for your time,
Kevin White

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Dear, we in medhelp we do an effort to reassure and help people in need and cant reach easily professional medical support. in this expert forum you can always download an MRI to your profile, then you notify me
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