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shrinking arteries in head

my mother (78) was told by her regular md doctor that her arteries and brain are shrinking and that is why she is dizzy, head feels funny, can't move around much, (she was still working 35 hours per week ), up until few weeks ago), ran test, (found nothing) ran more test and sent her to a neurolgist with a cd of test, doc says , "I dont know why that Doc sent you to me, (I can't help you) , also he said "I can't  read a cd"....and sent her home, a nurse says she needs to see a intern, but they can see her for 2 months cause she's new patient.. her regular doc is retiring in 1 weeks, looks like we up a creek without a paddle, again! can you inlighten us, Thanks fay
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Brain atrophy,
mainly it happens progressively, but may show up in some terms ''abruptly''.
Treatment: depends on the cause.
I have no data about her previous social habits؛‎ does she was a smoker? Cholesterol? Triglicerides? Cardiac electrical disturbances? Hypertensive? Any previous head infection?

Sometimes no treatment (for example in leukodystrophy, amyloidosis, prion degenerative ds.. ....)
Medications for stabilization:
2- Ebixa
Medication to support:
1- Somazina
2- Vimpozine Memory complex (9substances including Vimpocetine)
Medication which may also help especialy incase of diabetes (but not in amyloidosis):

stem Cells: not proven to be too much effective in elderly. But it always depends individually on the case and causes.

Dr Nassim, Medhelp
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