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Back pain that won't die

Hi, I am 39yrs old and have dealing with this back pain for about 3+ years now. I have had several MRI's, bone scan, x-rays. I have had shots into my spine several times, burned nerves in my back 3 times and taken vicodin, fentenal, dialaudid for that long. Also massive amounts of ibuprofen.
My pain originates in my lower back (both sides and spine) and  and radiates up and between my shoulder blades but mostly stays in my lower back.This seems even worse at nite, I constantly have roll side to side to ease the pain, and laying on my stomach is a death wish. Other symptoms are extreme fatigue, I feel exausted with the smallest of tasks. I also have massive heartburn and have had loose bowels for about 2yrs.Been taking prolosec repeatedly. My ankles kill after extended periods of time on my feet. Also it seems weird that my stomach is so hard when it appears I am about 20lbs overweight..shouldn't that fat be soft? The only time I feel somewhat normal is with the occaisonal vicodin I get....
Thanks for any help, I am laid off now and am so tired of being tired and hurting, I have enough problems without this. I can't go on like this for 20 more years! I need some help on what this might be, tests, anything! Thanks, Clint
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Duloxetine 30 mg for 1 week evening
then 60 mg evening for 1 week
then take the tab morning
dont stop before 9- 12 months
after this period of treatment start to decrease the dose progressively for 2 months:
starting with 30 mg morning for 1 month
then 30 mg morning every other day for 2 weeks
then 30 mg morning twicw a week
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I didn't include all the anti depressants I have taken... Cymbalta was one I took for a long time. It did keep me out of the grave when I was that low. I am not that bad now but I just want this never ending pain to stop. Since I moved Indiana to florida the pain has gotten a little better. Alot at times. The cold seems to really make things worse. Clint
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keep on 1 antidepressant (Duloxetine= Cimbalta) for 1-2 years and increase the duration of serious sport to around 1.5 h / day
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