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Brain explosions

It feels like a bomb has exploded in my head. There are no other symptoms associated with the explosions and it always happens in the wee hours of the morning. It's happened twice in the last couple of months. My cousin died in her sleep late last year and no one knows why. She had brain explosions too. The MRI & MRA were normal.  I'm perfectly healthy otherwise.  Can anyone explain what is going on with me?
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MRI MRA normal...
Hearing normal...
so forget about
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I just returned from a second opinion regarding the two brain explosions I experienced in the last couple of months. The second neurologist was a seasoned doctor who told he had heard of explosions in the brain although they do not know the cause. My MRI & MRA came back normal except for "a 9 mm right choroid fissure simple cyst is noted incidentally, unlikely to be of any clinical significance". I'm going for a EEG on December 17.
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Epileptic event similar to a deja-vu ??
lets start to prepare a name for that :)
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Thank you doctor, you made an interesting point when you mentioned my hearing - I now realize the problem is in my ears. I went to my doctor because I developed tinnitus and congestion and he's sending me to a ENT (ears, nose, throat) for further evaluation. In the meantime I'm taking steroids to bring down the inflammation.
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ok great advance in your treatment stepping, be in touch through Medhelp
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