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EMG and Spine Surgery

I have just had a discectomey on the L4-L5 lumber spine two week ago. The disc was herniated to the left side compressing the L5 nerve. I went to see a neurologist who did an EMG test on my legs and feet to test the nerves..After the test, I am now having pain in my left thigh and burning with some pins and needles pain at the bottom of the left foot. Could this pain be a result of the electric current from the EMG?
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No dear,this is normal pain after surgery.
the nerve is now overfuctioning, again after a longterm harming and compression by the L4-L5 herniated disc.
the " neurological filter " will recognise soon the real and the fake sensations and it will impose a more logical sensation after 6 weeks from now.
the episodes of pain will last more and more for a shorter time, ending progressively
best wishes.. always remember no need for EMG before 2 months after a lumbar surgery
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Thank you very much Doctor..I really appreciate it.
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