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My father is 79 years old, he has since 4 days back and leg pain when walking, the MRI report is:
Photography column lumbar sacroiliac MRI

Examined the lumbar spine and disability portions of equity and pivotal time in the first and second study carried out MRI Myelogram, where the show:
- Sliding the level of the separation L 4 L 5 Spondylolisthesis L4 L5 grade 1, associated with a significant narrowing of the spinal canal due to degenerative changes in hypertrophic Facet joints and thickness in yellow binder.
- Hernia nucleus right core central level of the separation L 4 L 5, the pressure on the bag meningitis, nerve root right.
- Pinch interval L 5 p 1, without significant compression of the nerve.
- Lower part of the scenes of the spinal cord and cone terminal normally.
- Vertebral bodies is normal and without a change in the reference.
Is there any possibility for him? surgery or Ivy surgery? he is biabetic type II.  I can come to Beirout
Thanks in advance
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You are mostly welcome by the Medhelp International Neurosugery Forum.
Dr Nassim
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sorry for the late answer, simply medhelp cannot always give an urgent answer. if he still being untreated you can do it with a neurosurgeon, who will liberate via a 3-4 levels laminectomy his lower segment of the lumbar canal, then he should complete a lumbar instrumentation better with polyaxial pedicular screws in a number of 6  [minimum] as you describe [since his mri is not downloaded to me], not with vertebro-spinous spacers in this case, foraminotomy should be effected at the the L5-S1 bilaterally. posterolateral graft can be used. out of bed after 48 h, serious ambulation after 6-7 days, lumbar brace for 3 months, take care about not being compressing his chest to prevent respiratory troubles during tat 3 months  [popular complication in elderly] . remember to suplement him with all types of bone-fortifying meds, and please if you are a physician google out my email so i can lead you with my advices towards best results. Dr nassim
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Dear Dr. Nassim
I really thank God to have your nice. precise and quietude.
I just wanted your medical and moral support to let my father operated, he will be operated next Tuesday, the neurosurgeon said exactly what you wrote, even precisely, and I that you you really very very much.
My name is Jamal Hakem, female, my e-mail is ***@****
I'll let you know day by day his status.
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