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Peripheral neuropathy or carpal tunnel syndrome

I am a 41 yrs old male. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. About 8 months back I also developed a burning sensation in my hands and feet. I consulted a doctor who said that it could be carpal tunnel syndrome. He said that when restless leg syndrome is severe, it travels up to the arms and manifests as carpal tunnel syndrome. He feels that the problem is not due to peripheral neuropathy because the neurological examination was normal. I have performed the phalen's test and the tinel's test at home in the morning hours. But the tests were negative. I do not have  any of the classical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is pertinent to note that the burning sensation can be felt in both hands and feet.

The problem does not stop there. I have plenty of other symptoms like impotence, stomach bloating, sharp pain in left big toe (once in a while), pulsatile tinnitus, muscle weakness, nightmares during sleep, abnormal sounds in stomach especially on an empty stomach, urinary incontinence, frequent urination. I do not suffer from diabetes although I do have high cholesterol. I feel extremely uncomfortable in hot weather. I can feel a little bit of chest tightness when exercising.

I would like to know if the burning sensation is due to carpal tunnel syndrome or due to peripheral neuropathy ? If it is peripheral neuropathy do you think based on the symptoms above, it is affecting or likely to affect my heart ? Is it true that peripheral neuropathy is frequently associated with restless leg syndrome.?
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based on you the info you told me, you dont have nor neuropathy neither carpal sd, this is just GAD- generalized anxiety disorder.
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I am not diagnosing GAD, but I am just suspecting it. anyways there is no need to worry about the heart, these are not cardiac symptoms
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