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Pineal cyst & other finding

Dear Doctor,

Approx. 6 months ago I went to the doctor b/c of the sudden and frequent bouts of headaches and disturbance of vision in the left eye, not to mention when I went to renew my driver's license, I failed the vision test.  MRI & MR scan was done, which indicated a pineal cyst and a weakening of the blood vessle in the Circle of Willis.

Opthomologist stated that my vision in the left eye has definately deteriorated and I will now have to wear glasses (vision was 20/20 before all of this). Went to Neurgologist and basically he told me I had Hemacrania Continua based on my MRI and no other dx testing.  Was prescribed Amitriplyne and Endomthecin? It has aided in easing the pain of the headaches which are still present. Its relentless. Additional symptoms have started approx. 2 weeks ago. A worsening of the visual disturbances in the left eye, pressure only on the left side of head-- behind ear and short term memory loss. I cant explain it.  I have been scheduled for a Field Vision test and schedule to see my PCP.  No one seems to know what is going on and it is affecting my daily life. Work, children, home, etc.  

I find that it is extremely difficult for me to concentrate as I used to (i am a professional in the legal field) and I also am getting confused.  Would you be so kind to shed some light on my situation?  The physicians have not been clear about any form of treatment to aide in my recovery...
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...affecting your daily life, work, children, home, etc...!!!!!!!. What ?  Sorry but I dont understand!   just tell who is taking responsability about your life, your brain and you vision now ????

are you looking for recovery using glasses, swollowing Amitriptilyn and Endomethecin ???

please remove the pineal tumor ASAP !!!!
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