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T8 Lesion

I had a CT done and the findings said that on the CT there is increased density at the T8 lesion. What does this mean and where are they talking about? They have never had me follow up on this and the only way I found out about this was by reading my own medical reports myself. NO Doctor told me about this!

Please help!

Thank You!
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hello, please give me more info about the description of the lesion, because the expression ; increased density can have many meaning and not necessarily something serious.. lets start with the most popular high densities on CTs; vertebral ANGIOMAS a kind of blood resulting from a fall [meaning intravertebral hematoma] or even someones are congenital.. please dont be unnecessarily over worrying, take the result to the doctor who asked about and let him explain for you why he asked for this exam.... but tell me why you did this exam in general because your letter was very brief, waiting for further comments
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